Sound Off for Friday, July 11, 2014

July 10, 2014 

Pick of the day

I've been thinking about it and decided that things aren't like they use to be, and I don't think they ever were.

Is there a Hall of Fame for this?

OK, here's a guy whose lifetime claim to fame is that he consumed 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Why is that obscenity a sports news item on local TV broadcasts?

Hefty sums for the 'poor'

The human smugglers are reportedly paid $5,000 to $8,000 per illegal alien child. That's a lot of money in Central America, especially for people who claim to be abandoning their own kids due to poverty.

Individual, not collective, values

Corporations don't have religious and moral beliefs, but their owners do. Why corporations often lead the way in the fight for social causes, both liberal and conservative.

Massive equipment failure?

The CPD car that passed us going 50-plus mph on Cherokee needs the speedometer, turn signals or blue lights checked. None were working Thursday evening.

Death wish

All you thugs out there with the "knock 'em in the head and steal what they've got" mentality, just keep it up and you'll run into someone with a Charles Bronson frame of mind.

Appropriate design

The Barack Obama Congressional Library will be built in the shape of an immigration processing building.

They create jobs … just not here

Americans are beginning to understand that most corporate "job creators" reinvest in their own stocks, salaries, offshore businesses and foreign tax havens while laying off workers and defrauding regular taxpayers.

Not that common a problem

The only concern Republicans Kingston and Perdue have about taxes is that people shouldn't spend thousands on CPAs and accountants. Yeah, that's 99% of our worries.

Time to redeploy

Fifty people got shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend. Maybe the Special Forces should be going there instead of Baghdad.

Time's running out

If you want to retake your country, you better impeach Obama and now.

Having it both ways

If these Phenix City ministers want to maintain a separation of church and state, then they should back off. If not, then those churches need to start paying taxes.

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