Fifty Years Ago Today, July 11, 1964

July 10, 2014 

Officials: Report

Not 'Watered Down'

A report that a University of Georgia survey team findings on Muscogee County Commission had been "watered down" to de-emphasize criticism was emphatically denied Friday by the commissioners and by the head of the university's survey team.

Morris W.H. Collins Jr., director of the Institute of Law Government at the University of Georgia, said rumors of an earlier, harsher report of the Muscogee County government had been suppressed and a milder report substituted is "absolutely false."

Soap Box Derby

Time trials for the 1964 Soap Box Derby will be run on 13th Avenue at 2 p.m. today, with 33 boys testing their cars.

The derby will be run at 2 p.m. Sunday, with all the boys expected to be ready at the line-up.


Recreation department crews are busy reviving the rustic beauty of Dinglewood Park, a 16-acre tract of the old Dinglewood Estate, according to P.B. (Pop) Austin, Columbus Recreation Dept. superintendent.

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