Ohio Amateur golf championship winners

The Associated PressJuly 11, 2014 

— Winners of the Ohio Amateur golf championship, with tournament site (Note: match play until 1967, when medal play began):

1904-T. Sterling Beckwith, Cleveland CC

1905-Charles H. Stanley, Cincinnati GC

1906-Robert H. Crowell, Inverness Club

1907-Harold Weber, Youngstown CC

1908-T. Sterling Beckwith, Canton Brookside GC

1909-Joe K. Bole, Portage CC

1910-Joe K. Bole, Euclid Club

1911-Russell Jones, Cincinnati GC

1912-Harold Weber, Inverness Club

1913-DeWitt Balch, Cincinnati GC

1914-Joe K. Bole, Mayfield CC

1915-Holland Hubbard, Youngstown CC

1916-Ira Holden, Cincinnati GC

1917-Howard Hollinger, Cincinnati GC

1918-Jack Munroe, Oakwood CC

1919-DeWitt Balch, Scioto CC

1920-Harold Weber, Dayton CC

1921-Harold Weber, Losantiville CC

1922-Joe Wells, Scioto CC

1923-Jack Munroe, Inverness Club

1924-Joe Wells, Scioto CC

1925-Eddie Hasman, Portage CC

1926-Parker Campbell, Westwood CC

1927-H. Densmore Shute, Miami Valley GC

1928-William Deuschle, Youngstown CC

1929-John Florio, Canton Brookside GC

1930-Glen Bishop, Inverness Club

1931-Robert Kepler, Wyandot GC

1932-John Florio, Portage CC

1933-Robert Servis, Inverness Club

1934-Neil Ransick, Kenwood CC

1935-Maurice McCarthy, Cleveland CC

1936-Robert Servis, Inverness Club

1937-Maurice McCarthy, Canton Brookside GC

1938-Maurice McCarthy, Scioto CC

1939-Robert Servis, Miami Valley GC

1940-Robert Servis, Shaker Hts. CC

1941-Frank Stranahan, Inverness Club

1942-Frank Stranahan, Cincinnati GC

1943-45-No tournament, World War II

1946-Ed Preisler, Shawnee CC

1947-Robert Servis, Congress Lake GC

1948-Harold Paddock Jr., Miami Valley GC

1949-Richard Evans, Westbrook CC

1950-Harold Paddock Jr., Clovernook CC

1951-Tom Jones Jr., Tippecanoe CC

1952-Francis Cardi, Columbus CC

1953-Arnold Palmer, Pine Ridge CC

1954-Arnold Palmer, Sylvania CC

1955-Robert Rankin, Zanesville CC

1956-Robert McCall, Westbrook CC

1957-Robert Ross, Springfield CC

1958-Richard Schwartz, Tippecanoe CC

1959-Tony Blom, Kenwood CC

1960-Dan Carmichael, Zanesville CC

1961-Walter Stahl Jr., Inverness Club

1962-Tony Blom, Dayton CC

1963-Robert Bourne, Elyria CC

1964-Carl Unis, Maketewah CC

1965-Richard Flockenzier, Westbrook CC

1966-Bobby Littler, Toledo CC

1967-Lalu Sabotin, Beechmont CC

1968-Robert Lewis Jr., Columbus CC

1969-Gary Artz, Sylvania CC

1970-Mike McCullough, Tippecanoe CC

1971-Jack Hesler, Scioto CC

1972-Ludwig Schenk, Belmont CC

1973-Steve Groves, Findlay CC

1974-Kim Heisler, NCR CC

1975-Rick Jones, Highland Meadows CC

1976-Taylor Metcalfe, Springfield CC

1977-Gary Trivisonno, Kings Island CC

1978-John Cook, Columbus CC

1979-John Cook, Moraine CC

1980-Rocky Miller, Sharon GC

1981-John Hamrick, Miami Valley GC

1982-Brian Fogt, Inverness Club

1983-Brian Mogg, Aurora CC

1984-Jim Muething, Beckett Ridge CC

1985-Karl Zoller, Elyria CC

1986-Randy Reifers, Coldstream CC

1987-Peter Hammar, Canton Brookside GC

1988-Barry Fabyan, Shaker Run GC

1989-Rob Moss, Moraine CC

1990-Steve Anderson, Sharon GC

1991-Jeff Junk, Inverness Club

1992-Randy Reifers, NCR CC

1993-Robert Fairchild, Canterbury GC

1994-Eric Frishette, Scioto CC

1995-Alan Fadel, Coldstream CC

1996-Robert Gerwin, Miami Valley GC

1997-Andy Montooth, Elyria CC

1998-Matt Ehlinger, Springfield CC

1999-Ben Curtis, Moraine CC

2000-Ben Curtis, Brookside G&CC

2001-Robert Gerwin, The Heritage Club

2002-Kevin Kornowa, Sylvania CC

2003-Steve Paramore, Aurora G&CC

2004-Kyle Reifers, Columbus CC

2005-Chris Wilson, Zanesville CC

2006-Jason Kokrak, Canterbury GC

2007-Jason Kokrak, Springfield CC

2008-Vaughn Snyder, Findlay CC

2009-Alex Martin, Moraine CC

2010-Michael Bernard, Kirtland CC

2011-Korey Ward, NCR CC

2012-Nathan Kerns, Brookside G&CC

2013-Andrew Dorn, Brookside CC

2014-Andrew Dorn, Coldstream CC


Multiple winners: 5-Robert Servis (1933, '36, '39, '40, '47); 4-Harold Weber (1907, '12, '20, '21); 3-Joe K. Bole (1909, '10, '14); Maurice McCarthy (1935, '37, '38); 2-T. Sterling Beckwith (1904, '08); DeWitt Balch (1913, '19); Jack Munroe (1918, '23); Joe Wells (1922, '24); John Florio (1929, '32); Frank Stranahan (1941, '42); Harold Paddock Jr. (1948, '50); Arnold Palmer (1953, '54); Tony Blom (1959, '62); John Cook (1978, '79); Randy Reifers (1986, '92); Ben Curtis (1999, 2000); Robert Gerwin (1996, 2001); Jason Kokrak (2006, 2007); Andrew Dorn (2013, '14).

Back-to-back winners: Robert Servis (1939, '40); Joe K. Bole (1909, '10); Harold Weber (1920, '21); Maurice McCarthy (1937, '38); Frank Stranahan (1941, '42); Arnold Palmer (1953, '54); John Cook (1978, '79); Ben Curtis (1999, 2000); Jason Kokrak (2006, 2007); Andrew Dorn (2013, '14).

Longest gap between victories: Robert Servis, seven years, 1940-47

Youngest winner: Michael Bernard, 16 years old, in 2010.

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