Sound Off for Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014 

Pick of the day

It's normal to be depressed after watching the evening news. What other choice do you have?

He barely made it past 100

The CDC says cigars cause cancer and heart disease. I agree. Look what they did to George Burns.

Stereotype this

I am a Democrat, a Vietnam veteran and an environmentalist, I believe in God, I worked in manufacturing for 40 years and I think stricter gun laws should apply.

Not their problem

Random thought: If a person flies into Colorado or Washington State and buys legal (there) marijuana, will TSA let them back on a plane to fly to a state where it's not legal?

The Declaration says something similar

Bleeding heart liberals say all people are created equal. How would you like to have Al Qaida living around you?


Walking around Britt David Park, there sure is a lot of trash and high grass. You would think that with city employees being there every day the work would get done.

Saving my money

Today I paid $1 for a Columbus Ledger. Tomorrow I'm not paying anything for one because I'm not going to buy one. They aren't even worth 25 cents.

Appropriate punishment

Tie that dude in Marietta who allegedly fried his child to a Georgia pine with honey all over him and his son's picture in front of him, and let nature take care of nature.

Evidence was right there

Who could possibly read the back of the Ledger's section B on July 4th and not know that this country was founded on religious beliefs? It puzzles me.

Jobs program?

The Democrats don't get it yet. Obama is helping with unemployment -- he's got the border wide open.

I don't offend easily

For some strange reason, being called a cracker always made me smile.

Wow -- that's even older than Burns

Lately, many mistakes have been printed in the Ledger obituary section. But this takes the prize: Deceased was born in 1037.

In all fairness …

Phenix City is installing traffic timers. I think that's cool. While they are spending money on technology, why not put a speeding device on police cars? What's good for the goose …

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