Sound Off for Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 

Pick of the day

Sanity and common sense are overrated. After all, most of our politicians haven't had a need for either of these for decades.

Do we have to pick one?

I'd rather walk to Atlanta and back for a root canal than to have to watch one episode of those Kardashian freaks.

Were they ever against the law?

Question for Democrats -- since when did different cultures become law?

Less is more

You know the old cliché that no news is good news. I guess that's why I like reading the Ledger-Enquirer.

Plenty to be pleased about

All in all, life is good. Do not let negativity control your life.

Voter recruitment

What do you expect when Democrats advertise on Mexican radio and television on how to apply for food stamps? They see the aliens as future votes for them.

Informal partnership

Question: what do Wal-Mart and BP have in common? Answer: everything.

You're not welcome here

The majority of Americans can barely afford to feed their own families. Why would we want yours? Go home.

The growing divide

American workers have seen their pay cut to the equivalent rate of 1979. Average CEO pay has mushroomed 344 times that of the 1979 rate.

Interesting analogies

Why should a company be made to pay for contraceptives? Companies don't pay for their employees to go to the movies. Or out to eat. Or ride a roller coaster.

Some of them did

After watching these politicians writing books, I wonder if the founding fathers wrote any books. I'd like to buy one.

Fox = America?

You may hate America, and you may hate hearing the truth, but you've got to admit that those Fox News babes are gorgeous.

About that 'due process' thing …

That was a very interesting headline in Tuesday's paper. Since when does a suspect get life?

It's about the money

The reason for these cameras at low-risk intersections is to raise revenue, pure and simple. The only real industry here is law enforcement.

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