Sound Off for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 15, 2014 

Pick of the day

Enough with the petty politics. Focus on what's important. Where are the hummingbirds this summer?

Whose 'rights' matter more?

I'm an American, born here, and I'm confused. Was the U.S. Constitution written for American citizens or illegal aliens?

If that's his concern …

The President wants to spend $3.7 billion to help the illegal immigrants who came to our country to escape poverty and violence. I think we should send it to Chicago instead.

Soccer with noise

NASCAR has become as boring as World Cup soccer.

Too many risk factors

Let's face it. The Muscogee County School District will never be near the top of the list because of the demographics here.

Well, he can try …

Look here, Mr. Obama, you can't blame Congress for everything.

Old news

The government was running with a surplus when Clinton left the office and George W. Bush took over. It didn't take Bush long to go through that and destroy the economy. But then, what's new?

But how would we enforce it?

In reference to the woman who tried going through the Citizens Service Center with a concealed gun and no permit, there obviously needs to be a law against just plain stupidity.

Beyond reason or compassion

Political fanatics disgust me. They have a professed "hatred" for those who don't share their views. The object of their passionate devotion is politics, not Jesus.

A whole lot cheaper

Obama wants $3.7 billion to help cope with the tide of minors from Central America. Can't we rent 500 buses, send them back and save the difference?

It's Washington's call, not Rome's

In this immigration problem, the Catholic Church needs to stay in church and get out of politics.

They know who's listening

It's always interesting to listen to general officers giving interviews knowing that their next star depends on what they say in that interview. Somebody pass the Kool-Aid, please.

One glaring omission

About 95% of the elementary schools and middle schools are failing and below state average. They needed one more category, the Muscogee County School Board, which is way below state average and 100% failure rate.

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