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  • View From the Other Side(line): Q&A with South Carolina beat writer Josh Kendall

    Posted by RYAN BLACK on October 23, 2014

    AUBURN, Ala. — As we do every Thursday evening, we were able to track down a beat writer for Auburn's opponent this weekend. Josh Kendall (@JoshatTheState) of The State in Columbia S.C., took some time to answer five questions about the Gamecocks before they arrive in Auburn for Saturday night's SEC matchup.

    Ryan Black: We've heard about how porous South Carolina's run defense has been this year. And we've heard about how banged up the Gamecocks are with defensive tackle J.T. Surratt (hamstring) and linebacker Jonathan Walton (concussion). Do you think either of them will be in the lineup Saturday? If not, does South Carolina have any shot at slowing down Auburn's rushing attack?

    Josh Kendall: I think Walton will be in the lineup, and Surratt could (but I’m not super optimistic). As for how much it will affect the Gamecocks, the good thing about having basically no playmakers on defense is that you aren't hurt much when you lose one player. Surratt has been a starter all season but not a guy who is making a huge impact beyond leadership. Walton is a spot starter at linebacker, where they have tried a bunch of guys with good but not great luck. This is going to be a tough matchup for the Gamecocks regardless of who plays. From a strictly fatigue standpoint, it would help them to have back reserve ends Mason Harris (knee) and David Johnson (knee), and they expect to have both of them back.


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