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Natalia Temesgen

Leaders stand tall at Springer

Today is the final day of the Springer Theatre Academy summer camp, where I’ve been the Playmaking teacher. After eight weeks, I’m going to take a lot of fond memories with me. I’ll also walk away with an incredible amount of respect for the way the camp is managed.


Shaw FBLA makes school district history

Shaw High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) had the best-ever showing in MCSD’s history at the FBLA National Leadership Conference. Shaw had seven events in the Top 5. More than 10,000 of America’s best and brightest high school students participated. Team members are; from left, front row, Kailee Rawls, Kayla Stutson, Maya Edwards, Alicia Gomillia, Dynastee Overton, Jessica Phelps, and Sierra Jackson; back row Shala Humphrey, Elizabeth Lambert and Jarett Jacobs.


U.S. Sen. Isakson talks terrorism, military cuts, Syrian refugee, more

If Johnny Isakson had his way, every eligible person in America would cast a vote this November, the U.S. military would surgically remove the terrorist threat in the Middle East, federal regulations would be changed to help businesses succeed, and Syrian refugees would be housed closer to their homeland instead of allowed to mass immigrate to the U.S.

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What matters more, process or results?

The thick pad of coarse pulp sheets of writing paper, each sheet marked with wide-spaced, horizontal lines, had a red cover. In sharp contrast, a thick, sparkling white pencil, freshly sharpened, large red rubber eraser standing in unscuffed splendor on the opposite end, lay beside each pad. Kindergarten being a foreign concept in our area, first grade was my introduction to formal education, and I was charged up. My very own pad of unused writing paper. And my very own pencil, fat, quite childish in appearance, but still all mine.