Chris Johnson

November 25, 2012 12:00 AM

If at first you don’t secede -- cry, cry again

As someone who has supported Jimmy Buffett for president over and over, I completely understand all this hullabaloo about wanting to secede from these here United States of America. As soon as I figure out where Margaritaville is, I'm on my way, something I decided long before the most recent presidential election. As creepy as all these secession petitions are, the number of names on them are a very small proportion of those whose candidate lost -- and they are likely the very element of their party that cost them the election by scaring away independent voters, the kind of folks who actually check before they pass along right-wing emails that don't pass the common sense test. I'm sure the vast majority of folks who voted for Mitt Romney still want to be Americans and not try to secede every time they lose an election.

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