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The emotional impact of losing

By the time the Super Bowl is over Sunday night, you may have munched on a few too many nachos and chicken wings, and you might be almost as sick of cheap beer as you are of expensive TV ads.

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Robert Simpson: The lingering effects of old beliefs

I recently began watching again the Ken Burns documentary, "The Civil War." That conflict provides exceptionally clear examples of pitfalls to avoid, if only we will. I have been fascinated by the Civil War for most of my life, learning new lessons from it as the years go by. It offers, from both sides of the conflict, clear examples of heroism, honor, military genius, political incompetence and military ineptitude of amazing proportions. And is, in its entirety, a ghastly example of blindness to facts and the inability to distinguish between daydreams and reality. Some of the same resistance to facts, and a tendency to accept falsehoods easily if they track with our preferred beliefs, can be seen around us today.

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Fifty years ago today, Feb. 7, 1966

The Senate today gave its approval to a proposed constitutional amendment to permit consolidation of the Columbus and Muscogee County tax assessors offices, but delayed action on a proposal to create a city-county building commission.