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Where there’s smoke

They say confession is good for the soul. My soul can use all the nourishment it can get, so I’ve decided to own up now to some personal transgressions of long ago. The urge to come clean was sparked by recent discussions of whether and how much to restrict public smoking in our city. I was reminded of the tons of smoke I once foolishly sucked into my lungs. And how I became a thief to feed the desire to puff.

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One Georgia, but with many parts

I began writing this column in early 2011. It began after a lunch conversation with DuBose and Carol Porter. Both had just run for statewide office. They were rural Georgia Democrats. They were in the traditional print media business, running almost a dozen papers serving the greater I-16 corridor out of their offices in downtown Dublin.

Dusty Nix

Competitiveness with grace – God help us

The final round at the Masters was one of the most exciting sports finishes I’ve ever watched. Two fierce competitors, Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose, turned the back nine into a two-player shootout, one that Garcia ultimately won on the first playoff hole after the two finished 72 holes dead even.

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The absence of the birds

The absence is puzzling. Hummingbirds have visited this home in significant numbers every spring and summer for 15 years. Then last year, the numbers seemed less than I remembered, but I attributed that to the fact that I was not keeping up with cleaning and refilling their feeder as promptly as they preferred. This year, not even one hummingbird. I haven’t done any surveys, so I don’t know how extensive this strange loss is, but I assume I have not been singled out for some reason.

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The 2018 (and 2019) legislative work starts now

There’s a certain cadence of the calendar for those who work in the politics and policy fields in the state of Georgia. We’re all familiar with the 40 days’ rush of the Georgia General Assembly that begins in early January and, if at all possible, ends before Masters week. It’s a time of long days, even longer nights, and little rest.

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Travel sanitized

In his Saturday column a couple of weeks back, Dimon Kendrick-Holmes talked about road trips he once took with his wife and children, and his descriptions made me wish I could turn time back and duplicate them myself. The one trip that really rang a different bell for me was the one he described when the children missed seeing snow in favor of on-board movies. I’ll explain in a moment.

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Exactly what is a presidential doctrine?

Not every president has had one, and U.S. efforts to contain communism in the latter part of the 20th century helped shaped the modern presidential doctrine. The media played a key role in coining these doctrines and it takes time, sometimes well into the second term, for a presidential doctrine to emerge.

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Room at the inn

The young Army doctor, our primary care physician many years ago, was chatting with me about child-rearing. My two were then 8 and 10. I said they sometimes lit my too-short fuse and I overreacted, speaking to them more harshly than I should. But if I thought I had been wrong, I was flexible enough to apologize to them. That’s good, the doctor said. But, he added, it’s much better not to do it in the first place.

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A tale of two states, and presidential visits

On March 18, 2017, I stood on a stage with Breckin McCoy, an undergraduate from LaGrange College, a stage where so many presidential candidates stood … no pressure, right? We presented on the 2016 election at a conference where the halls throughout the entire building were adorned with photos of these campaigns. And it was so unfair.

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Phone addiction has unleashed a deadly toll

It was a horrific scene. The pickup truck had smashed head-on into a bus taking elderly church members on an outing. Thirteen died. The 20-year-old truck driver said he had been texting when he swerved across the center line in Texas Hill Country. Moments before, a good citizen following the truck had called the police to report a truck driving erratically, as though there were no center line or even road.

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Animals and gratitude

Many people were kind enough to sympathize when my dog, Nikki, was lost recently, and to rejoice with me when I got her back. That’s a reflection of the close relationship so many of us have with dogs, a closeness that has grown over the centuries since we chose them to be our companions.

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Jon Richards: 61 Years Young

Jonathan Blair Richards, (November 27, 1955-March 26, 2017) died Sunday after a brief battle with cancer. In this overview of his life I ask that you not focus on the years cut short, but the fact that Jon made the most of the years he had with us.


Prosecutor to court: "Your honor, she got on that jury with an agenda."

The trial of three alleged gang members charged in last year’s fatal shooting at Peachtree Mall turned chaotic Friday when complaints about the jury foreperson led to her dismissal. She was replaced by an alternate juror, and that reset deliberations to start all over at 9 a.m. Monday. This is an excerpt of Assistant District Attorney Pete Temesgen's argument for dismissing the juror.
Mike Haskey The Ledger-Enquirer
Prosecutor to court: 3:24

Prosecutor to court: "Your honor, she got on that jury with an agenda."

No mistrial. Judge replaces foreperson in Peachtree Mall murder trial 2:02

No mistrial. Judge replaces foreperson in Peachtree Mall murder trial

Hope Harbour holds its annual Bidding for Hope 1:40

Hope Harbour holds its annual Bidding for Hope

Attorney describes caregiver accused of abusing woman as 'good person' 1:56

Attorney describes caregiver accused of abusing woman as 'good person'