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Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops’ biggest victory

As sports talk radio broke the news of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops’ retirement earlier this month, speculation was rampant that he was in ill health, or was being relieved because of players behaving badly. They praised Stoops for winning the national championship in 2000, and talked about how strong the team is looking for next year. They overlooked Stoops’ finest moment: leading his team to take a big stand against racism.

Dusty Nix

The inevitable appearance of the American buzzard

It didn’t take long Wednesday, after a bloody domestic terror attack on lawmakers, aides and police security guards gathered for a morning of baseball — baseball, for crying out loud — for the political recriminations to begin. That’s pretty routine now.

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Five Georgias, one network

We’ve spent the last several weeks delving into the Five Georgias — the five distinct regions that form economic and political coalitions which govern the state. These include Atlanta’s urban core, suburban Atlanta, the coast, the mountains, and south Georgia. The focus has been on what makes each region different.

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A memory of ambience

The last time my grandsons were here, one explained to me why he liked a particular Columbus restaurant. The food was good, he said, but he especially liked the ambience. I smiled, thinking how when I was twelve, I’d never even heard that word, much less used it in a sentence. But his comment set me to remembering good food and pleasing ambience.

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Five Georgias: South Georgia

There was a time in the not too distant past that south Georgia ruled state politics. Given that the state was divided into “Atlanta” and “Other Georgia” and Atlanta was easily outnumbered by the others, being from rural Georgia was an asset if an aspiring young politician wanted a statewide leadership role.

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Was Manchester attacked to sway British election?

As the hunt for the Manchester suicide bomber’s possible co-conspirators and network intensifies and the threat level rises to critical, everyone is wondering if another attack is likely, and where. Most media speculation is focusing on concerts and sporting events as the likely sites to be attacked. But most people have missed the most obvious target of the ISIS attack: the British election of 2017.

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Georgia climate no longer very ‘peachy'

The warmest winter in the global record has had a devastating impact on Georgia’s signature peach industry, reducing the expected crop by as much as 80 percent. Most locally grown varieties of peach trees require 750 to 1,000 “chill hours” — hours with the temperature below 45 degrees — to induce the trees to go dormant and then produce healthy blossoms.

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Five Georgias: The mountains

For the past several weeks we’ve been taking a look at the regions of Georgia which make up the geographic and economic coalitions that drive state politics. The first two regions compose Atlanta — the urban core and suburban Atlanta. Last week we established that the coast isn’t sufficiently rural to be included in rural Georgia anymore.

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The point of it all

There are times when you are planning a column, or even while writing it, that you have to guard against veering off from your central topic and chasing rabbits down attractive side trails, reminding yourself each time that this isn’t what the piece is about.

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An interview with a war hero’s widow

Earlier this month, my wife and I got the terrible news. Norm, husband of our best friend and roommate from graduate school, Jennie, passed away. He was a soldier, someone we became privileged to meet, and I thought you might want to know a little more about this hero during your Memorial Day weekend.

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Five Georgias: The coast

For the past few weeks we’ve been taking a look at the regions that make up the political and economic coalitions that influence the politics and policy governing Georgia. Gone are the days of “Two Georgias,” where there was “Atlanta” and everything else, mostly rural.

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Aiming for disaster

Sometimes there’s a topic you’d really like to discuss, but you’ve said things about it before, and you don’t want to be boring. And sometimes others more eloquent and with more credibility have already said more about it than you can say. But then the subject of gun proliferation and, more specifically, guns on campus pops up again and all bets are off. Your conscience won’t let you stay silent.


Max helps to train his rescued friend Ghost at PAWS Humane

Two very different dogs, energetic Maximus and shy Ghost, have formed a family at the PAWS Humane animal shelter. Max has embraced his role as a therapy dog for Ghost, who lived on his own in the woods for the first year of his life, helping Ghost learn to love and trust others
Robin Trimarchi The Ledger-Enquirer
Max helps to train his rescued friend Ghost at PAWS Humane 2:20

Max helps to train his rescued friend Ghost at PAWS Humane

Wake for Warriors program makes first visit to Lake Harding 2:36

Wake for Warriors program makes first visit to Lake Harding

Rain doesn't stop the Fort Benning Independence Celebration 2:11

Rain doesn't stop the Fort Benning Independence Celebration

Columbus, Phenix City area weather for June 26 from WRBL's Cody Nickel 2:51

Columbus, Phenix City area weather for June 26 from WRBL's Cody Nickel