After fallout over sex and Jesus bit, No Shame Theatre won’t be censored

The Springer Opera House on 10th Avenue is the State Theater of Georgia.
The Springer Opera House on 10th Avenue is the State Theater of Georgia. rtrimarchi@ledger-enquirer.com

Springer Opera House officials are not considering censoring or permanently canceling No Shame Theater following a No Shame event last week that involved jokes about sex and Jesus.

Paul Pierce, the producing artistic director for the Springer Opera House, told the Ledger-Enquirer Tuesday that a date has not been set for when No Shame performances will begin again. The Springer will host a summit Saturday to hold a community discussion about the weekly, adults-only event.

“I spoke to the chairman of our board this afternoon and he and I both agreed that canceling No Shame is not something we are considering right now,” Pierce said. “… it wouldn’t be No Shame Theatre if censorship were involved in any way.”

The summit, Pierce said, will be held March 23, 2 p.m. at Foley Hall in the Springer Opera House. No Shame artists, Springer patrons, No Shame audiences and others are welcomed to attend.

“It is … my goal to protect the greater Springer community of audiences, artists, volunteers and donors and to give them a voice as we chart our path forward,” Pierce said.

No Shame Theater was “suspended indefinitely” following last Friday’s performance that included jokes about sex and Jesus as Springer officials worked to determine what happened. Details about the event were disputed by various sources.

Howard Jefferson, a local real estate broker, posted his displeasure on social media about the performance. He alleged that the event’s host said “f--- Jesus” during a regular segment called “Sex With Me.” Jefferson said he expressed his displeasure about the event. He then alleged the host told him to leave if he didn’t like it.

Other sources that spoke with the Ledger-Enquirer disputed details of Jefferson’s account.

“I’m not saying I want to shut the place down,” Jefferson previously told the Ledger-Enquirer. “I’m just saying I was disappointed that the Springer Opera House, in an official capacity, chose to encourage that type of vulgar discussion.”

Pierce cleared up those details. He told the Ledger-Enquirer Tuesday that a female audience member has admitted to saying the Jesus phrase.

“If there had been an employee that went out beyond what her task was,” he said, “then that would have been a disciplinary action.”

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