For Springer Opera House actress, role in ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ hits home

Springer Opera House is performing the play, Driving Miss Daisy, now through April 14. According to the Springer’s explanation of the play, it explores race relations and challenges the characters to overcome their prejudices to allow for a friendship to grow.

Judy Leavell plays Miss Daisy who develops a friendship with her black driver. When asked what playing Miss Daisy is like, Leavell explained, “Growing up in the south and living in Atlanta now, she (Miss Daisy) brings back so many relatives I had, so many people I’ve met.”

The production will be in the McClure Theatre and will feature performances by Leavell, playing Daisy Werthan, Keith McCoy, playing Hoke Coleburn, and Robert Briscoe, playing Boolie Werthan.