Tap into fun downtown

Soaring temperatures have hardly prevented downtown Columbus partiers from staking out a coveted spot in The Uptown Tap's courtyard.

Once again, the bar has been one of summer's most popular nightlife destinations.

The huge courtyard space, with quick access to bartenders outside, is a place where dancers and party hoppers mingle with ease.

The bar often attracts a line at the door on weekends, but during the week its theme nights also generate a consistent flow of partiers.

Monday is open mic night, Tuesday is karaoke and Service Industry Night, Wednesday has acoustic performances and Thursday is Pint Night with karaoke.

On weeknights, don't be surprised if you catch young professionals grabbing a quick post-work cocktail. Hit the bar on a Saturday night and you'll see a full crowd of dancers outside.

Want to escape the crowded front courtyard and packed interior? Try the back courtyard, where partiers can usually enjoy one-on-one conversations easily.

THE UPTOWN TAP1024 Broadway, 706-653-8277

Cover: $5

Dress: Flaunt your usual club gear — jeans and T-shirts for guys, sundresses and halter tops for girls. A basic dress code applies, so dress with common sense.

Drinks: Bartenders say one of the hot spot's most popular drinks is a Long Island iced tea, offered at $5.50. The Tap also offers a vast selection of imported beers.

Music: In addition to the acoustic tunes you'll get on open mic nights, an outdoor DJ on weekends spins high-energy pop music for dancers. There's also a jukebox inside.

Crowd: It's a crowd composed largely of 20- and 30-somethings, but older partiers regularly enter the mix as well.

Of note: Next Thursday, the bar will host Franco Funicello, a pop/rock act that recently got attention for playing in 48 states in 48 days.