Tribute band Kiss Army returns to Aqua Nightclub

Time to resurrect any black and white face makeup left over from Halloween.

Saturday, tribute band Kiss Army returns to Aqua Nightclub, where fans are likely to again flaunt black-and-white painted faces and getups similar to Kiss' trademark stage outfits.

Members of Kentucky-based Kiss Army dub themselves "the coolest band in the world."

"We don't pay tribute to four makeup designs, we salute four very legendary rock star personalities in their heyday with as much complete and utter justice as we're able to provide as individuals," Kiss Army members write on their official MySpace page.

The band has taken the stage at fairs and festivals — plus larger venues like Universal Studios in California (for a show at which original Kiss band member Gene Simmons was present).

They headlined the grand opening of the Kiss Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, S.C., an event band members say drew more than 13,000 guests.

"We all try to dial in our character portrayal likeness to perfection and it's not contrived at all, that's the beauty of it," band members say.