Gallery 13 welcomes all ages

Consider Gallery 13 Event Center the alternative to walking around aimlessly in Walmart on a Friday night.

The venue, located on Veterans Parkway across from the downtown Columbus Dunkin’ Donuts, officially started hosting all-ages shows this summer.

It’s become a popular alternative to the bar scene, so much that patrons recently rallied to raise money for the former warehouse’s rent and property tax bill.

“It’s for everybody. It’s not really limited by age or anything like that,” said Beth Martin, a Gallery 13 fan and volunteer.

At 22, Martin seems like an unlikely fan of an all-ages, alcohol-free hot spot.

But she knows the frustration teens can experience in finding weekend plans that don’t involve lingering outside a shopping center.

And even though her age no longer restricts her to all-ages shows, the Columbus State University student isn’t a big drinker.

She appreciates how Gallery 13 fills an entertainment void for partiers who don’t want to rely on the local bars.

The venue hosts entertainment from a variety of genres.

Shows feature local artists, as well as musicians who have seen regional and national popularity.

Martin hopes Gallery 13 will continue to expand its offerings.

“A lot of it is kids respecting the place and wanting it to stick around,” she said. “It’s just like one big happy family.”

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