McKay: Janitor cleans up mess

Although Don McKay didn’t receive a lot of publicity when it first hit the big screen in April, the movie will keep you thinking and was worth seeing at least once.

If you fancy yourself a detective, don’t be disappointed by your inability to solve the puzzle or keep up with the plot throughout the entire movie.

Don McKay is based on Don (Thomas Haden Church), a man who leads a fairly mundane life as a janitor 25 years after graduating high school. Mundane, until he receives a letter from his long-lost love, Sonny (Elisabeth Shue).

Don hops on the bus to make his way back to Sonny, who he finds out only has a little longer to live.

Upon arrival, Don becomes suspicious of not only Sonny, but everything he sees and hears from her and her caregiver Marie (Melissa Leo).

But, it doesn’t stop Sonny from trying to wrap Don around her thumb. Although Don appears to know he is being played, Sonny is manipulative and goes to the extreme with the drama in her life. She has a certain charm Don can’t let go of, especially with the attention she gives him.

After meeting her doctor, Dr. Lance Pryce (James Rebhorn), Don becomes aware there is more than a doctor and patient relationship between the two. When Don kills the doctor, he realizes something is amiss when everyone acts like they still communicate with the doctor.

Don talks longtime friend Otis (Keith David) in to helping him get rid of the body — but the body is not where Don left it — only Marie and her husband knows where it is, and it’s going to cost Don.

Without giving away too much of the movie away, I will just say the subplots will keep you guessing and involved.

While the movie is classified as a thriller, I could see it also being classified as a comedy.There are enough one-liners to go around, and just as you get into the serious side of the movie, a character will say something to make you laugh.

Individually, Church and Shue give good performances and make the most from the plot and their characters.

There will be times when you think you have the movie figured out. There will be times you think “what the heck?” And there will be times you wonder how anyone could be so naïve, but don’t worry, it all shakes out during the final 15 minutes of the movie. So hang on and enjoy the ride.

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