How to make an exit on the nightlife scene

It didn’t have to end this way.

We were having such a good time. You dominated the dance floor, spoke of endless bar-hopping, even teased me with a possible trip to Taco Bell.

Then, seconds into the chorus of our favorite party anthem, you uttered the line that broke my stride: “Let’s go. Now.”

With that, we had a marathon sprint to the door — no goodbyes or party compromises required.

It confirmed a dangerous suspicion:

I’d met another nightlife Cinderella.

We pay lots of attention to proper techniques for making a party entrance. Appropriate strategies for leaving a party often go unnoticed.

That is, until you end up in the company of somebody whose only method of departure is an abrupt exit.

Make no mistake: There are many times when nightlife circumstances call for a “let’s leave immediately” moment.

For example, encountering an ex. Experiencing the side effects of a poorly mixed drink.

Avoiding a straight-faced response to a pickup line that references Bedrock.

Yet nightlife Cinderellas have a much longer track record of abrupt departures.

They thrive on ending the night when circumstances seem perfect. They make an exit just as the rest of the crowd is plotting an all-night fiesta.

One minute you’re dominating the ladies-only dance floor, the next minute you’re scrambling to close your bar tabs before tantrum time.

Naturally, this causes some problems.

People partying with a nightlife Cinderella for the first time will inevitably assume they did something to ignite the abrupt departure.

They’ll analyze the situation for weeks, concluding there was something in the tone of “would you like another drink?” that offended her.

The erratic exit times cause serious problems for nightlife Cinderellas’ friends.

You hesitate while buying a second $5 cocktail, fearful you’ll get the dreaded call to action two sips into the drink.

Is there a defined etiquette for ending a night on the town?

That’s hard to say, especially in a party world dominated by spontaneous matchmaking and unforeseen beer tears.

But it’s selfish to assume your friends’ party schedules will rely entirely on your personal comfort level.

On the bright side, partying with a nightlife Cinderella often puts a higher value on the time you spend at the club.

Even when the night ends with an unprompted exit and a secret hope your friend’s heels will turn into flip flops before you reach the parking lot.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com or 706-571-8516.

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