Columbus partiers want to have a beer with Bob Saget

Don’t ask why.

That’s my advice for anybody attending Saturday’s party at Flip Flops, an event that will honor actor Bob Saget.

Upon learning the party’s focus, you’ll inevitably offer a perplexed expression.

Saget isn’t related to Justin Bieber. He’s not romantically linked to anybody from the “Real Housewives” franchise. He hasn’t appeared in a major 3D action film.

Understandably, one word teeters on your lips: “Why?”

“If you’re asking yourself that question right now, then you’re probably a moron,” Brian Beck says on a video that appears on a website for Saturday’s party.

Beck and Steven Dykes, both of whom are 27 and live in Columbus, want to have a beer with Bob Saget.

The answer to the dreaded question — why? — is that the duo considers Saget a living legend. They call him “a man who in some way, shape or form, over time, has touched all of our lives in a positive way.”

Not bad for a guy who spent a decent part of his career savoring Tanner Time on “Full House.”

Saget also hosted “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and has made guest appearances on HBO’s “Entourage.”

Beck and Dykes were inspired by the Auburn University students who campaigned to get a hug from Taylor Swift and achieved their goal in April.

The Bob Saget fans think their mission isn’t too far-fetched.

“It’s somebody who might actually come here,” Dykes said of Saget.

They haven’t had any direct contact with Saget, but hope things will change after Saturday.

The party will feature cardboard versions of Saget, a Saget cocktail and more. Guests are encouraged to make T-shirts that honor the actor.

You’ll hear live entertainment from Sweet Lisa, a new local band named after Flip Flops bartender Lisa Bancer.

The party’s organizers have a Facebook page dedicated to their cause and they plan to send photos and video footage from Saturday’s event to Saget’s manager.

With luck, the rest will be history.

What will Saget do if he comes to Columbus?

“That’s kind of up to him,” Dykes said.

Of course, there’s the obvious priority: having a beer. Dykes would also like to tailgate to an Atlanta Braves game with Saget.

But presumably, Saget’s company alone would be enough entertainment.

Again, it’s best not to ask why. Visit Flip Flops Saturday night and support a dream. After all, achieving this goal begins with a full house.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com or 706-571-8516.

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