Frozen: Give it the cold shoulder

Imagine a nightmare where you are stuck with only the clothes on your back, two friends and only two ways of escape — with death a possibility regardless of the choice.

What would you do? Would you be the first to attempt escape or would you sit back and wait until you were the last one alive?

Three skiers, Parker O’Neil (Emma Bell), Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) and Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers) need time away from the everyday grind of school and the “real” world, so they take to the mountains and the white powder of the ski slopes.

Using the feminine charms of O’Neil, the three save money on lift tickets by having her talk the chair-lift operator into taking money under the table for a cheaper, yet full day of Sunday skiing.

With the day winding down, the trio decides to make one more run on the slopes. Although the lift operator is hesitant and ready to close down the lift, O’Neil turns on the charm; however, this time, the ride up the mountain won’t be so pleasant.

Halfway up the mountain the lift shuts down. At first, the three suspended skiers believe the lift is experiencing mechanical problems, unaware of a major miscommunication between the operator and his relief.

Unaware of the actual number of skiers still on the mountain, the new lift operator shuts down the lift, leaving O’Neil, her boyfriend and his best friend stranded on board.

With the lift only open on weekends, how will the three survive until the lift opens again in five days and what awaits them if they are somehow able to get down?

These and other questions are answered in this man-against-nature survival movie.Although I was duped into thinking this would be a good movie after watching the trailer, I was terribly disappointed.

Frozen dragged most of the time — and I should have known better. I mean, just how much action can you have with three people trapped in a chair lift 100 feet in the air?

The acting wasn’t spectacular, but how could it be if the entire movie revolves around three people who, by circumstance, have to talk to each other?

There was one highlight in the movie, though — there wasn’t a bad guy — if you call that a highlight.Frozen wasn’t your typical survival movie in one aspect — the movie definitely didn’t have a large budget. How much money could it take to film three people stuck on a lift?Don’t believe any of the hype, or the trailer, when it comes to deciding if you want to see this movie.

Freeze your bank account and don’t spend your hard-earned money on this one. Give the movie the cold shoulder and rent a title that sizzles a little more — all puns intended.