From Reel to Rental: Keep up with Joneses at your own peril

We all have friends we envy in one way or another. If you see a friend or acquaintance with a new gadget you just can’t live without — watch out — keeping up with the Joneses can be dangerous or worse — deadly.The Joneses is about a seemingly perfect family moving into a suburban community, but everything isn’t as it seems with the Joneses.

They have it all — the big house, the fancy cars, the best imported beer and all the latest technological gadgets — but it is all a lie, right down to the family dynamic.

It doesn’t take long for the neighbors to welcome the Joneses into the neighborhood. From the first visit to the Joneses home, the neighbors are in awe of everything they see.

Although Steve (David Duchovny) is the “man of the house,” Kate (Demi Moore) is the matriarch who runs the family unit.

Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth) are the couple’s high schoolers. The two are the envy of the school and quickly become popular with their classmates.

Everyone notices the Joneses and as their popularity grows, so do their contacts throughout the community — and along with it — the ability to influence the spending habits of all they come in contact with.

The Joneses are not a family at all, but a sales team implanted in a community with the goal of driving up spending in specific markets.

Steve handles the sports venues, including equipment and attire, while Kate handles everything jewelry, home furnishings, cosmetics and personal products.

Jenn and Mick, well they handle everything teenager-related, although they are not teenagers themselves.While The Joneses is not deep in plots and subplots, there are some interesting social messages and situations addressed.

Duchovny and Moore both play interesting characters and the on-screen chemistry between the two makes the movie entertaining.

Not to play spoiler, but The Joneses encompasses rags to riches, boy meets girl, finding out the reality of dating a married man, coming out of the closet, the reality of immersing yourself in your job and the impact of your job on others.

Overall, The Joneses is an easy, entertaining and at times, funny movie.

If you are into keeping up with the Joneses in your neighborhood, make sure you watch this movie, it might change your mind.