CSU Percussion Ensemble performs Sunday

Paul Vaillancourt, assistant professor of percussion in the Columbus State University Schwob School of Music, like everyone else in the music school, is busy.

He teaches full time, conducts the student percussion ensemble, performs in several musical ensembles, plays with the Columbus Symphony and LaGrange Symphony orchestras, is the husband of fellow music professor Andrée Martin and is father to two little ones. Oh, and he composes music, too.

I don’t know when he sleeps. But like I said, he’s not the only one like that in the music school.

In all the years I’ve cover the arts, I don’t think I’ve ever written about the Percussion Ensemble.

Paul gave me the chance to do that when he got in touch last week to let me know about the ensemble’s first concert of the year.

The concert is 4 p.m. Sunday in Legacy Hall. The Percussion Ensemble will play selections by David R. Gillingham, Lane Harder, Mario Davidovsky, Steve Reich, Dan Welcher and Mario Lavista.

I watched a bit of his rehearsal and he’s amazing. He’s in constant motion, and he’s so good with the students. He never really scolds them, but urges them to get their parts better, and then praises them and then cajoles them again. The kids are always writing notes to themselves after he gives them notes.

It seems they really like him and he likes them.

There are 13 in the percussion ensemble and there’s even a pianist, Carlos Strudwick. He’s given instructions on his role in the concert as well.

Percussion Ensemble members are Tyler Clevenger, Will Christian, Janna Graham, Lacey Guyton, Jonathan Meyers, Madeleine Conti, Brian O’Connor, Heath Fowler, Brandon Smith, Alissa Castro, Kent Hanie, Ryan Griffis and Kelsey Adams.

Susan Tomkiewics, the professor of oboe, will perform in “Marsias” by Lavista.

In his notes, Paul writes: “In ‘Marsias,’ Mario Lavista explores the interaction of an oboe and a set of eight tuned crystal glasses played by six musicians. The tuned glasses provide a harmonic environment based on perfect fifths. ... Through the piece, the harmonic environment created by the tuned glasses works as a kind of bubble inside which the oboe roams freely.”

The concert is free, and I think it will be worth your time to see this concert.

Call 706-649-7225.

Showers are scary

There are certain movies that I never saw in the theater. I’ve seen them on television.

“Psycho” is one of those movies.

So I can’t wait to see it Sunday in the Springer Opera House, 103 10th St.

I read somewhere that the late Janet Leigh, who stars in the movie, never took another shower after filming the infamous scene. You know which one.

The doors open at 6:30 p.m.; the movie starts at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $10.

Call 706-327-3688.

Sandra Okamoto, sokamoto@ledger- enquirer.com or 706-571-8580.