Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 21: Pretty Little Liars Season 1 finale approaches

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 1 Episode 21 aired March 14 on ABC Family. Here's a recap of the show.

When the episode kicks off, Spencer remains a suspect in Alison’s death. The cops think Spencer planted evidence to make Toby look guilty. Her mom wants her to cut ties with Toby.

Also, Spencer’s sister (Melissa) is popping some serious pills. Don’t worry, they’re for her pregnancy. Spencer traps Ian and Melissa in a lie and learns maybe they weren’t at Hilton Head together after all.

Hanna is bummed about Caleb’s betrayal. The always annoying Mona tries to console her. At school, Hanna approaches Caleb and asks what Jenna wanted. Caleb says Jenna’s looking for a key that she thinks Alison gave the girls.

Later, Caleb chats with Hanna’s mom and says he’s moving away. Hanna’s mom convinces him to say goodbye to Hanna.

What’s up with Emily? Well, Paige buys some concert tickets, but there’s a catch. A guy has to come along on the date – you know, so her parents don’t suspect she’s gay. Emily convinces Paige to go to a gay pride meeting. Unfortunately, Paige doesn’t show up. Fortunately, the meeting leader is hot and Emily develops a new love connection.

Meanwhile, Aria tries to hide her relationship with Mr. Fitz. Things get even more complicated when Aria snoops around on his personal computer and finds a photo of Mr. Fitz and another woman. Hanna creates a fake profile to help stalk the other woman.

However, Aria ultimately aborts the mission and directly asks Mr. Fitz about the woman in the photo. We learn the woman (Jackie) was his first major girlfriend. She broke off their engagement. Awkward.

Aria and Mr. Fitz are still in love, however. Aria interrupts the romantic session to meet the girls. Unfortunately, there’s a police officer outside Mr. Fitz’s apartment. Aria doesn’t see him, but he approaches Mr. Fitz when she leaves.

The show culminates in a local festival, where Paige gets jealous of Emily’s new crush. “I don’t want to be your secret,” Emily tells Paige. Later, Emily receives a text message from “A” saying Emily definitely has a type: “Love me, lie for me,” it says.

It reminds Emily of a snow globe she once received from Alison. Upon closer examination, she finds a key in the snow globe. It unlocks a storage unit – No. 135.

Emily, Hanna and Aria check out the storage unit and find Alison’s lunchbox. They look inside and find a flash drive. The flash drive contains some videos of the girls – leading them to believe they’ve been taped for a long time.

Caleb tries say goodbye to Hanna, but she runs away. He gives a goodbye note to Mona, who throws it away without telling Hanna. We see the scraps in the trash. A piece of paper reads “I love you Hanna.”

Without knowing about the note fiasco, Hanna’s mom says she’s changed her opinion and now she thinks Caleb is a nice guy. Hanna sees Caleb board his bus out of town, but she doesn’t say goodbye.

Spencer gets a mysterious text message from somebody who claims to be Toby. It says to meet him inside a funhouse. Inside, Spencer finds a message from “A.” It says, “Shut up or I’ll shut you up.” Then, she gets trapped in the funhouse – until Ian shows up outside the door. Apparently, he was rescuing her. Um, sure.

Happy she’s safe, Spencer makes out with Toby in public.

The show ends with “A” approaching Mr. Fitz’s apartment and taking the door key from under a mat. Uh-oh.