Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12: Relationship drama with Ronnie, Sweetheart!

The Ledger-Enquirer live blogged Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 12, which first aired March 17, 2011. See a full recap below:

Here's a quickie recap: Arvin was supposed to meet Sweetheart at a club, and Sweetheart tells the Situation that she hates him. Ronnie tells Sweetheart she's shady, though Sweetheart uses the same word toward the Situation.

Now to the current show: Sweetheart is trying to leave her bedroom, but Ronnie won't let her. She says she knows what she's done, though Ronnie says he doesn't know. She apologizes for hitting up Arvin, and she says that she'd "kill" any woman who came looking for Ronnie at a club.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are in the common room kicking cardboard boxes. Snooki takes a spill, and Deena gets caught inside another box.

Out on the porch: Sweetheart says she may have contacted Arvin to get a rise out of Ronnie, or as an attempt to get him back. Ronnie tells the camera he's not sure he loves her at this point. Ronnie refuses to go to bed. He stays on the couch while Sweetheart goes to bed.

The next day Deena, Snooki and Sweetheart walk to their "jobs," and their boss asks why they're 10 minutes late. The have no good excuse.

Deena tells the camera that it's her last day at the store, and she's not in the mood to do any actual "work."

Snooks and Vinny head out to a spot where you can make your own burgers. It appears like they're on a real date. Snooki tells the camera that she's developing true feelings for Vinny, though he's talking about another woman while with Snooki. She wonders what's wrong with her, because Vinny hasn't associated with her.

Vinny says he actually could develop real feelings for Snooki.

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Vinny is considering earrings, and he thinks it might be a good look for him. Pauly D doesn't know why it hasn't happened yet, and Vinny says he doesn't know what it'll feel like. He gets both ears pierced in about 60 seconds and doesn't flinch.

Pauly D says he looks "fresh." Vinny starts wearing his baseball cap at an angle, for some reason.

Ronnie asks Sweetheart if she wants to go out and he suggests they just get some wine and stay inside instead. She agrees.

The rest of the crew is preparing for a night out. The end up at Karma, the usual hep, hep club. Vinny immediately starts searching for the flower in the midst of grenades. That's when he spots Danielle, aka the Pauly D stalker. A random woman tells Pauly D that Danielle wants to associate with him tonight. Pauly D declines.

Pauly D says that she's the only thing in Seaside that he fears.

Back at the house: Sweetheart continues to apologize. Ronnie says he got a taste of how she felt in Miami, and that he's learned that it's best to come clean when in this type of situation, lowercase. They continue to eat out on the porch, then clean up and head off to bed.

Meanwhile, back at Aztec: Vinny says the place is filled with 50 and 60 year olds. Is it the presence of cameras that's bringing them into the picture? We may never know.

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The dancing at Aztec continues. The Sitch says the guys are upset with the female situation, lowercase, so they'll just invite several over to the home and see what happens.

Everyone returns home, though Pauly D is sans female friend. Vinny says he's pleased with his companionship ... and then there's a knock at the door. It's the brother of Vinny's friend, who appears to only be concerned about ensuring the females get home safely. Pauly D asks if he can take them home immediately, and things get awkward very quickly.

Vinny sees them out and slams the door. He then grabs Snooki and drags her toward the bedroom, though he then says he's kidding. Snooks, however, refuses to be someone's last resort and she walks off in anger.

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Snooki is extremely upset that Vinny has treated her in such as manner. He follows her outside and says he's kidding, though she says he always says that. Snooki points out that Vinny acts differently when he's sober versus when he's drunk. He picks her up and carries toward the home, though she won't allow him to take her inside.

Snookers refuses to tell Vinny the hour of the day, and now Vinny starts making rude comments to Deena and Sweetheart. He rhymes an insult to Sweetheart, who responds in kind. Vinny then calls Sweetheart sneaky in Shakespeare style.

Sweetheart is angered and she says "game over." The crew then goes to their respective beds.

The next morning: The guys are at the T-shirt shop for some "work." The boss asks if the Situation is even present. He's actually hidden in an alcove, where he's sleeping. The boss finally locates him and fires him on his last day at work.

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Sweetheart left her contacts in last night, and she's having serious visual issues. Ronnie takes her to the doctor, and the duck phone rings. It's Ronnie's mother ... maybe. The woman on the phone starts talking nonsense. She may have been drinking. JWoww's on the phone with her now, and Deena gets the Situation on the phone to assist JWoww in her escape.

The Sitch is now in a dungeon pit trap and there is no cleric to raise him. He starts trying to talk his way out of it and he manages to get out.

Moving on: Deena is making Jello shots and the Situation explains the conversation he had with her about Ronnie and Sweetheart's relationship issues. Ronnie's mother than calls, again, and the Situation passes off the phone to Ronnie.

JWoww tells Sweetheart that the Sitch told Ronnie's mother everything about the relationship. Sweetheart is truly angered at the Sitch's actions.

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Ronnie just had a very bad conversation with his mother. The Situation tells the camera that he's heard rumors contrary to what Sweetheart has told Ronnie about Arvin. The Situation tells his concerns to the crew, and JWoww says things should be put in neutral, since Ronnie creeped around in Miami.

JWoww says that all the men are brainwashing Ronnie, who is getting paranoid. Ronnie says the Situation is being a good friend by bringing these thoughts to the surface. Ronnie is convinced.

JWoww tells Sweetheart what the Sitch is telling Ronnie, and Sweetheart denies, denies, denies. Sweetheart then steps outside and confronts the Situation. He then denies, denies, denies. She accuses the Sitch of being shady, but he says he's looking out for his friend.

Both Sweetheart and the Situation agree that they don't like one another. Sweetheart continues to curse at the Situation, and he doesn't care for her inability to successfully argue.

The Situation then says he'll call up Arvin with everyone present to hear. Ronnie is ready.

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The argument continues. The Situation calls Sweetheart sneaky, and Sweetheart says she doesn't like the Sitch. Vinny says that if his female friend texts a guy asking about the weather, he wouldn't like it.

Pauly D questions why Ronnie wouldn't know about Arvin as a friend.

Outside, the girls are siding with Sweetheart. Texting an attractive man when you're single to make your ex jealous is completely acceptable, JWoww says.

Sweetheart says that "she's done" with Ronnie "for the 40 millionth time."

The Situation is on the duck phone with Arvin, saying he just wants to know what the situation, lowercase, is. Arvin says that he associated with Sweetheart, and he repeats the statement to Ronnie.

Ronnie then declares that he's done with Sweetheart, and he goes out to the porch to tell her.

See you next week!!!