Pretty Little Liars Season 1 finale: Who is 'A' on Pretty Little Liars?

The season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" aired Monday on ABC Family. Here's a recap of the episode.

When the show kicks off, the girls continue to watch the videos on the flash drive they found last week. They see a video of Jenna seducing Toby. It reinforces their suspicion that somebody has been taping them. They're convinced it's Ian.

What's up with Aria? Well, there's still some serious romantic tension between her parents. On a more serious note, Mr. Fitz sends Aria a text saying they need to talk. He tells her about the cop who came to his apartment. But everything's OK. The cop was just asking about Spencer.

Even better, Mr. Fitz got a job at the college, so he and Aria can go public with their relationship.

Hanna is still bummed about her failed romantic relationship with Caleb. Her mom mentions Caleb's letter, which Mona threw away. There's just one problem: Hanna doesn't know Mona threw the letter away. She thinks Caleb's just a jerk. In other Hanna news, the creepy yearbook guy (Lucas) is back in the picture.

Bad news for Emily: Her dad wants the family to move to Texas. Emily's not happy about the idea.

With those issues brewing, the girls approach Jenna. "We have what you hired Caleb to find," Spencer says, telling Jenna they have the flash drive. Hanna says they want the truth.

Jenna says Alison came to visit her in the hospital the day before she went missing. Apparently, she blackmailed Jenna with the video of Jenna seducing Toby. "The guy I like likes to make movies," Alison says in a flashback. Jenna tells the girls that Alison said she was on her way back from Georgia.

Spencer promises the video will stay safe.

"We've all made mistakes. Remember, I'm still paying for yours," Jenna says.

The conversation makes Spencer get a pre-paid phone and text Ian that she has Ali's video. Of course, he doesn't know it's Spencer sending the text. She gets a response asking them what they want for the video. Hanna texts back and tells him to bring $10,000 and meet them at a special location in the woods.

Mona interrupts the girls' conversation and they all run off. However, Hanna leaves her phone behind. Naturally, Caleb calls and Mona answers the phone. She tells Caleb that Hanna threw the letter away. Unfortunately, Lucas overhears the conversation. We don't know if he'll share the news with Hanna. He does, however, give Emily the phone to give back to Hanna. Later, Hanna deletes Caleb from her phone.

With that, we get a shot of Jenna calling Ian. "They found the video and they've seen it," she tells him. He says he'll take care of it.

Then, we get a MAJOR SHOCK: Jenna is in a romantic relationship with the cute young detective! You know, the same one who told Emily he wants to keep the girls safe. Privately, Jenna tells him the girls have Alison's video. He promises he won't let it get out. Then, they get romantic. Whoa! I did not see that coming.

While I process that news, we get a shot of a college professor party at Aria's dad's house. Aria learns Mr. Fitz's former fiancee is working at the college, too. Aria and Mr. Fitz get in a major fight.

Spencer and Toby share a homework date. Then, Spencer gets a text from Melissa saying she needs a ride. Spencer picks Melissa up, but on the way home Melissa realizes she forgot her phone at the church. Just as Spencer turns around to drive back to the church, a car comes out of nowhere and hits her vehicle. Spencer's OK, but Melissa is being monitored in the hospital. The doctors don't know if her baby's OK.

At the same time, Lucas is driving Caleb to meet Hanna. We don't see them again in the episode.

While Spencer stays in the hospital with her sister, the other girls wait in the location where Ian is supposed to show up with the money. "A" sends them a text message: "Nothing is as it seems." The girls call the young detective and tell him to meet them. He shows up. Then, a vehicle arrives to drop off the money. Too bad it's not Ian. It's just a messenger.

Meanwhile, Spencer returns to the church to get Melissa's phone. Ian confronts Spencer in the church and attacks her. Ian starts mumbling about Alison hitting her head and dying, but Spencer says Alison suffocated. Just as Ian is about to kill Spencer, somebody arrives and saves her. "What are you doing here?" Ian says.

The mysterious person, dressed in black, pushes Ian and leaves him hanging from a rope. It looks like he's dead. The girls leave the church and the police arrive. There's just one problem: The police say there's nobody inside the church, not even a dead body. Awkward. A crowd stands outside the church. The messenger guy is out there.

With that, "A" sends a message: "It's not over until I say it is."

See you next season!