The Packway Handle Band, Sans Abri and Powerkompany to play

The Packway Handle Band is the common link.

The act is scheduled to perform at The Loft Saturday night. Hailing from Athens, Ga., the musicians boast a unique blend of alternative bluegrass and taunt audience members with this promise: "If you get an idea of what Packway Handle is early in a show, you'll probably change your mind several times before they're done."

Interested? You should be.

But wait, there are two other acts on The Loft's musical lineup Saturday night. And those acts aren't entirely distant from Packway Handle.

Sans Abri, one of the other acts scheduled to perform Saturday, is a musical side project that comes courtesy of two Packway Handle members.

The musicians "started a side project arranging original songs that don't necessarily fit the band's bluegrass bill. The songs are a creative collaboration involving acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, percussion and vocal arrangements," according to the act's Facebook profile.

Then, there's Powerkompany -- the other act on Saturday's lineup. It consists of a musician from Packway Handle and his wife, a musician you might know from the act Venice is Sinking.

Powerkompany is billed as an "acoustic/electronic dream-pop duo." The act cites influences like Florence and the Machine, Radiohead and Beyonce.

Let's not forget about The Packway Handle Band, an act that delivers on a promise to surprise the audience.

Their set list spans everything from original material to traditional bluegrass to gospel tunes and cover songs. I'm especially fond of their cover of "Where Is My Mind" by the Pixies.