National Foursquare Day Meet-Up on Monday in Columbus

Quick, name the major holiday that's happening Monday.

Stumped? Shame on you. It's Foursquare Day. It's the 16th day of the fourth month of the year. Four squared is 16. Get it?

If you're confused, don't worry.

The day really doesn't have much to do with math at all. It's designed for fans of foursquare, a social networking site that lets users "check in" to various locations using a mobile device.

And yes, foursquare has its own day.

Foursquare users in Tampa Bay started the celebration as a grassroots effort in 2010, according to the holiday's website. "Foursquare Day is celebrated differently in each community," it says.

This isn't a cool holiday you'll admire from afar. Columbus will have its own Foursquare Day party.

A National Foursquare Day Meet-Up will be held Monday night at the Eagle & Phenix loft condominiums in downtown Columbus. Expect food, entertainment and foursquare-centered conversations. You don't have to be an avid foursquare user to attend.

If you can't attend the local party, the website Geek.com offers some other suggestions for marking Foursquare Day. Among the ideas? "At 4:16, celebrate by blowing a party horn, tweeting 'Happy #4sqday!' on Twitter and doing various other crazy foursquare-related things."

The foursquare community spans over 15 million people worldwide, according to January 2012 statistics on foursquare's official website.