Cinco De Rock concert invades Front Porch of the South Saturday

It's payback time.

"Chris Chaos owes me $5. He will pay up one way or the other," Jackyl vocalist Jesse James Dupree told me, explaining why he's coming to Saturday's Cinco De Rock show.

When I asked local radio personality Chris Chaos what spurred the drama, the mental imagery wasn't pretty.

"There were feathers involved, a lot of chocolate and chickens," he said.

Are they kidding? Probably. But the exchange highlights the appeal of Cinco De Rock: a night when it's fair to assume nobody will take life too seriously.

"We're pumped. Ticket sales have been brisk," said Chaos, who is bringing the 18-and-older indoor show to Front Porch of the South through Chris Chaos Productions. The lineup? Pelvis Breastlies, Black Stone Cherry, Nigel Dupree Band.

And, of course, Jackyl.

Fans of the rock act's hit "The Lumberjack" -- which highlights the musical power of a chainsaw -- will be happy to hear that Jesse James Dupree plans on bringing the melodic tool to town. "I keep one on me at all times," he said.

But Dupree's life is more than just chainsaws and $5 wagers. Looking for evidence of his business prowess? Consider Jesse James America's Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey -- no, he probably won't be drinking tequila on Saturday -- or "Full Throttle Saloon," his truTV reality show that focuses on the world's largest biker bar.

So yes, there will likely be no shortage of excitement at Cinco De Rock, as well as during the show's official after-party at the Shanty Shack (4475 Warm Springs Road). There's a pre-party around 1 p.m. Saturday with Black Stone Cherry at Chattahoochee Harley-Davidson.

If nothing else, you'll be able to say you saw an all-female Elvis tribute band at the concert.

That's Pelvis Breastlies.

"It's really high energy. We don't imitate Elvis. We're just a tribute band," said Erin "Pipes" Watson, frontwoman for the Atlanta-based act. She said the musicians have a "theatrical twist" to their routine and fans can expect to hear songs like "Suspicious Minds."

Watson has high expectations for Saturday's show.

"Be ready for an amazing night that is going to be one of those nights in Columbus that goes down in history for music," Watson said.

In fact, I couldn't help wondering if Saturday's show will be one for the record books. Jackyl earned two Guinness Book of World Records distinctions: performing 100 shows in 50 days, and performing 21 shows in 24 hours.

Is the band eyeing any other record-breaking achievements?

"No, not right now. I'm good," Dupree said.

Assuming he gets his $5, of course.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com or 706-571-8516.