Glen Templeton performs in Phenix City on Saturday

People use a variety of adjectives to describe a trip to the dentist, but "relaxing" doesn't usually enter the pre-checkup vocabulary.

Unless you're Glen Templeton.

Early in our phone interview, he said he was scheduled for a dentist appointment after we wrapped things up. When I asked if he was anxious, he called the dentist's office relaxing.


"I am not scared of the dentist," he said pleasantly.

His fearlessness likely extends beyond oral hygiene.

Templeton performs Saturday at the Phenix City Amphitheater. He's largely known as a country singer, but Templeton said guests can expect elements of other genres -- namely rock and blues -- in his show.

"Look for a good time," he said of Saturday's all-ages concert. "Our music represents a great time. It's a very, very universal sound."

Templeton is the featured Alabama Artist for the amphitheater's 2012 concert series. "It's had a huge influence on my approach to music," Templeton said of his Alabama roots.

He grew up in Elrod, Ala., and got his start performing on stages in Elrod and Tuscaloosa. He moved to Nashville in 2004 and signed with Black River Entertainment last year.

Cool fact: Before he signed with Black River Entertainment, Templeton portrayed Conway Twitty in "Conway Twitty, The Man, The Music, The Legend, The Musical." The Conway Twitty Family hand-picked him for the role.

You might know Templeton for tunes like "Sing That Song Again," an ode to love, life and favorite songs. It plays homage to feel-good tunes like "Brown Eyed Girl."

It's a great summer song and a good soundtrack to the crowded schedule Templeton will face in upcoming months.

"I'm looking forward to a busy summer," he said.

Templeton acknowledges life on the road isn't all glitz and glamour. "It is a different lifestyle," he said. When I asked him about touring, he mentioned truck stop showers.

With a busy touring schedule comes increased interaction with fans, both in person and online. "I was never a computer interactor guy in the beginning," Templeton said.

But that's changed, as he now has a strong social media presence. Yes, he's directly involved in the online posts that show up on his pages.

"There's no one that can speak for me better than me," Templeton said.

Amid an abundance of rising country music stars, it seems like there's something special about Templeton's voice. He's uniquely driven, focused and fearless.

Even at the dentist's office.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com or 706-571-8516.