Modern Skirts bring indie pop, rock to The Loft on Saturday

The musicians from Modern Skirts belong to an elite circle of men who have gained my dad's approval.

When I moved to Columbus from California nearly six years ago, Dad visited me shortly after I made the cross-country trek. I blindly took him downtown, in an attempt to experience Columbus' nightlife.

We ended up at The Loft, which was hosting a performance by Athens, Ga., act Modern Skirts. During the show, my dad never asked for earplugs. He also resisted all references to "young people music."

That's impressive.

The memory resurfaced when I learned The Loft will host another Modern Skirts show on Saturday.

Billed as "clever indie pop," the band aims "to create and perform both intellectually crafted and inherently catchy songs."

Listen to the lyrics and you'll likely get material to fuel your bar table conversation. Listen to the melodies and you'll likely have a hard time sitting still.

But when my dad and I bonded during a Modern Skirts show, it wasn't because of lyrical complexities or life-changing melodies. We were watching a group of guys who genuinely love creating music. And that means a lot.

So check out Saturday's show. The musicians usually attract a contingent of die-hard Modern Skirts fans, though you'll fit in just fine if you're listening to the band for the first time.

And if your dad just happens to be in town for the show, all the better.