Summer Side Show invades downtown Columbus on Saturday

This might be your only chance to see Charlemagne offer A Plea for Purging to The Great Paper Castle As the Sky Departs.

Yes, we just used four Summer Side Show band names in one sentence. Impressed?

The all-day music festival marks its 10th year Saturday at Woodruff Park in downtown Columbus.

About 50 acts will play on four stages. Expect to hear lots of indie rock, but also some punk, metal and even a little dubstep. The band lineup draws on national, regional and local talent.

"This is 10 years of a festival showcasing all of the young talent in the area and there is a ton of it," said Danny Arencibia, founder and event chairman for Summer Side Show.

He Is Legend and A Plea for Purging will co-headline this year's show.

Rock act He Is Legend hails from North Carolina. On the band's Facebook page, one of the musicians notes, "We pride ourselves in being the most random band in the universe. There is no one concept, no one rule to how we do things. We don't agree on anything besides the music we write. Why take yourself seriously if you are in a rock band?"

Metal act A Plea for Purging hails from Tennessee. Band members cite interests like stage dives, high fives, burritos, fresh baked cookies and brownies with nuts. You know, in case you want to bring them a surprise on Saturday.

In addition to the headliners, Summer Side Show is a great opportunity to expand your musical horizons.

For example, you'll meet Eryn Woods, a Louisiana-born singer who calls herself the Punk Barbie Doll. Don't like that title? She's also known as queen of the "Kupcake" brigade. "Team Kupcake" is a reference to her fan base. MTV and VH1 have featured her music.

Let's not forget about the many local acts you'll meet -- like Lost On LeMans, a Columbus act that formed in 2010 when the musicians were in 10th grade. They cite influences like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low.

You can also expect performances from acts like Ocean Is Theory, The Great Paper Castle, American Roommates, The Rest of Us and many more. Visit the event's Facebook page for more details on the Summer Side Show lineup.

The festival's schedule will be released on Saturday.

Open to all ages, Summer Side Show is an alcohol-free event. Some concessions will be offered, but Arencibia also encourages guests at the event to support downtown Columbus businesses during the day.

"It is a festival for everyone," Arencibia said.

Sonya Sorich, can be reached at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com or 70-571-8516.