'Mickey's Music Festival' brings 25 Disney characters to Columbus

Alisha Mullally exclaims that the last two months have been the best two months of her life.

Two months ago, she made her debut as Ariel in "Mickey's Music Festival" in Lakeland, Fla. Since then the Northern California native has traveled around the country, entertaining people.

The 20-year-old actress has put her college studies (in communications) at California State University-Long Beach on hold while she's touring.

She started dancing when she was 5 years old and said she was 10 when she started taking it seriously. All through high school, she was on her school's dance team.

Mullally is determined to get her college degree, but isn't sure when she'll graduate. While she's on tour, she is taking some online classes.

While she misses college life, she's happy to be gaining life experience.

"The best part is that I've met some really amazing people," she said. Her roommate on the tour is another dancer, who plays Jasmine from "Aladdin."

"It's really weird that even though we've only known each other two months, we're so close and it seems like we've known each other two years."

Mullally loves performing.

"Seeing the little kids who come out, all dressed up is the best part of my job."

She loves looking out in the audience and in some venues, the children are allowed to come to the area in front of the stage.

"They have a mini mosh pit with all the little kids who can't sit down any more," she said. "They're down there, dancing around and trying to mimic what we're doing on stage."

Naturally, when she was a little girl, she watched all of the Disney movies.

Her favorite was "Beauty and the Beast." Mullally even wore a yellow dress to her prom so she could be just like Belle.

There are 25 Disney characters in the show.

Some of the other cast members started off working at the various Disney theme parks. Others, like Mullally, were in college and auditioned.

The auditions were grueling, she said. "It was a lengthy process."

Mullally said it was kind of strange, being pulled out of all of the dancers into a smaller group, and asked to dance a different style because "you have the face of Ariel."

"And then you wait for the call."

The call came and while she was excited about the tour, she had to move out of her dorm, put things in storage and pack the necessary clothing and accessories for the tour.

Fortunately, she was given a six-week notice.

The toughest thing?

They're allowed to have two suitcases and one carry-on bag.

"Being a girl, I love shoes. And I had to not have 50 pairs of shoes. I can only have five pairs of shoes."