Through April 8: Fine art nature photographer David Foster's work on view at Callaway Gardens

Fine art nature photographer David Foster showcases his work in “Savoring,” an exhibit on view through April 8 at Callaway Gardens' Discovery Center. His work is called "a visual feast of nature’s beauty -- a smorgasbord of light, color, texture, shape and design. Sometimes seeing the grandeur, sometimes attending to the intricate details."

In a news release, Foster says, "I use photography to translate those moments into images through which others can share some meaningful part of what I saw and felt, and feel themselves inspired to experience and enjoy the beauty in nature first hand, and to protect it. While this beauty is always there, it is also ever changing. Exploring one place for a day, as the sun arcs from sunrise to sunset, reveals different colors, shapes and textures in the same objects. Similarly, revisiting several times during the year affords new images as the light changes angles, plants appear – flourish – die, and critters of various shapes and sizes appear and disappear. So I return many times to the same fields and forests, open to seeing their beauty in new ways. For me this often involves lying on the ground, occasionally getting soaked with dew, looking for new perspectives and ways of seeing that which often goes unnoticed as we walk along."

Admission to Callaway Gardens is free on weekdays through February. Learn more about Callaway at www.callawaygardens.com

See more samples of his work at www.davidfosterimages.net