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Police: Burglary probe uncovers street gang in Lakebottom area

Gabriel Scott Huettner
Gabriel Scott Huettner Photo from the Muscogee County Jail

An Eberhart Avenue burglary investigation led police to break up a street gang associated with Hardaway High School, a detective testified Wednesday in Columbus Recorder’s Court.

The officer was testifying in the case of Gabriel Scott Huettner, 19, who was arrested Tuesday in the burglary of a home in the 1200 block of Eberhart Avenue. Loot from that Oct. 20 break-in was found that same day just up the street in a vacant apartment at 1265 Eberhart Ave., the detective said.

A witness told police he’d seen four males coming and going from the vacant residence, and recognized two of them as former tenants. Police arrested two suspects who admitted committing the burglary and named Huettner as an accomplice, investigators said.

The officer said a rash of thefts have been reported in the neighborhood near Lakebottom Park, and investigators believe the suspects were in a gang calling itself the “Street Money Mob,” all current or former Hardaway students.

Some posted photos of themselves on social media flashing gang signs, the detective testified, adding police compiled a list of members and compared it to a list school administrators had, and found the two matched.

Huettner was living near Eberhart, the officer said, and had a notebook with a page titled “Street Money Mob” and a list of members, with his name at the top.

The detective said all the items taken in the Oct. 20 burglary were recovered, except for a 32-inch flat-screen TV.

Huettner is charged with burglary and criminal gang activity. Judge Michael Cielinski sent his case to Superior Court, allowing the suspect no bond because of a previous burglary arrest.