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Man shoots and kills pit bull in Columbus after canine charged after him, police say

No charges will be filed after a man shot and killed a pit bull when it charged after him early Saturday on 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue, Columbus police said.

The 25-year-old man wasn’t injured in the 2:35 a.m. attack in the 3200 block of Sixth Avenue, said Police Sgt. Alan Malone.

Patrol officer Timothy Darden was on a traffic stop at 29th Street and Veterans Parkway when he heard two gunshots from nearby Wilson Apartments. He ended the traffic stop and went to the public housing complex in the area where shots were heard.

At the scene, a man told Darden that he was walking past a home when a pit bull charged after him. The man said he pulled his gun, fired two shots at the dog and killed the canine.

Police said it appears the man shot in self-defense in the dog attack.

Jaxon Ronsonet recounts the attack and getting used to an artificial limb.