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The password is: Zombie

I'm still coming off of my Dragon*Con high, and I need to keep the momentum going. That's why this weekend is devoted to the eerie, the somewhat creepy and, of course, low, low prices.

You might not think the annual Junior League Attic Sale fits in with my wacky, madcap weekend, but take another look. If you're already in the market for Halloween stuff, this is the place. You'll get a wide assortment of goblets, clothes and musty tomes. Or if you could care less about the remnants of a pagan festival, you can still find kitchenware at fair prices.

The hardcore amongst you will pay the $10 entry fee Friday and double prices to get first pick. Others will pay $1 Saturday morning and pay regular prices. It's 6-8 p.m. Friday and 8-2 p.m. Saturday at the Columbus Civic Center. Last year everything got cut in half in the afternoon, but by then most of the good stuff was gone.

Next, I need a poster frame for a "Torchwood" print I picked up at the con. My standby is Michaels Arts & Crafts on Bradley Park Drive. They came through when I needed to frame my Snow and Summer queen prints. I have complete faith they'll pull through again.