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‘Galaxy Quest’ not just for trekkies

Trekkies annoy the snot out of me. Almost as much as I annoy them by calling them "Trekkies" instead of "Trekkers."

Maybe that's why I loved the movie "Galaxy Quest," which pretty much skewers the conventions of Trek conventions, et al. Casting Tim Allen as a rotund, Captain Kirk-ish has-been actor is genius. So's the plot — that aliens in need of help kidnap all the actors from the show's crew, not understanding that the series was a work of fiction. Coca-Cola Space Science Center shows the film at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, for free (Details: 706-649-1470).

I'll be there, assuming I get back in time from a sojourn to Waverly, Ala., in time. Sure, it's not the final frontier, but the quaint, artsy town certainly feels more like the frontier than Columbus. The folks at the Standard Deluxe T-shirt shop are hosting a fish fry, art show and old-time music concert, starting at 5 p.m. EDT. The bands slated to perform at The Mafs, the Alabama Gravy Soppers and the Fall Line Frailers. The events are usually free, but they pass a hat around to pay the bands, and if you want to partake of the fish, I'm sure you've gotta pay (Directions: