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Dancing queen?

After watching Britney Spears' VMA train wreck, I'm on a quest to renew my faith in dancing.

Which is why I'm kicking off the weekend with a trip to Memory Lane (1812 Midtown Dr.).

Mom jean mecca or go-to party destination? You decide. While this local dance club has its share of age-inspired stereotypes, my first trip there yielded a surprisingly diverse crowd. We'll see what happens this time.

Downtown should be busy Saturday, as plenty of bars will be offering drink specials in conjunction with Bikes on Broadway.

A good bet for entertainment is the recently reopened Knockin' Boots, where the rockers from Subject 2 Change will perform Saturday. You can also count on $2 shot specials all weekend.

If all the bikers downtown scare you Saturday night, head over to Muldoon's (6499 Veterans Pkwy.), where you can catch a performance by party band Mindblender, a local favorite.

The only drawback is that you won't have easy access to a truck marketing Butt Buffers to motorcyclist.