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All good bars have a chessboard deathtrap

That's why this weekend I'm heading to Memory Lane — twice.

You read correctly. I will attend this fanciful establishment both Friday and Saturday. Located at 1812 Midtown Drive, its rather drab exterior misrepresents the gem underneath.

Submitted for your approval, a common Columbus bar that contains a dance floor. But no ordinary dance floor this, because behind the flailing gestures and "Grease" remixes awaits the chessboard deathtrap.

Friday night, picture yourself on Memory Lane's dance floor, gyrating to the hottest 90s hits. The neon lights shoot laser-like beams across the black and white squares as you frantically dodge the deadly rays.

Or you can always just sit on the sidelines, sip your oversized Margarita and watch people butcher the electric slide. Gleefully imagine the light show as actually being lasers. It'll help with the show.

Saturday I'll visit this bar again at 2 p.m. for the poker game. It's free, beers are about $3 and there's a chance to win some money. Bring a mask for all the smoke, though. You won't be the only one.

On Sunday, I'm going to kick it down a couple of notches and dust off my magnetic chessboard set for a quiet game on the Riverwalk. Sonya needs a schooling, and with my advanced knowledge of chess tactics, I'm obviously the one to provide it.

No deathtraps needed.