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Cinco de Mayo

It's OK if your international knowledge is confined to knowing the difference between a frozen margarita and one that's served over ice.

Cinco de Mayo is more than an opportunity to lament Billy Ray Cyrus' failed Latin moves on "Dancing with the Stars."

The holiday, which comes Saturday, is an excuse to get crazy, and use the pickup lines you learned on your high school spring break trip to Tijuana.

Virtually every club is hosting a party, but here are my top options:

Downtown's $10 bar crawl seems like pretty fail-safe fun. Just one cover will get you into six venues — Oxygen, Big City Club, Savana's, The Uptown Tap, The Vault (where Seven Zero Sixx will play) and Daileys (where Slack Pak will play).

While downtown, check out the party at Scruffy Murphy's (1037 Broadway). Cinco de Mayo at an Irish pub? Intriguing. Plus, you'll be entertained by party band Jaded Soul, not to mention all-night margarita specials.

If downtown isn't your thing, I recommend heading over to Memory Lane (1812 Midtown Drive), simply because their "Best Sombrero" contest sounds awesome. You can win $100. Also, expect drink specials all night.

Check my blog, "The Walk of Shame," at for a complete list of all the May 5 happenings.

Wherever you end up, you'll likely score a girly margarita and some new Shakira dancing moves. Expanding your international horizons doesn't get much better.