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Where are your civics now?

You may say that a vast majority of politics is dull, a bore to watch on television and generally a stain that can make an otherwise fun weekend worthless. It's all that and more, but that's no reason I shouldn't suggest a weekend filled with civic-minded activities sure to make Americanism well up in your soul — or at least get you away from C-SPAN for a couple of hours.

I'd start out with the discussion/book signing with David Rose, author of "The Big Eddy Club," at the Barnes & Noble on Whittlesey Boulevard Friday at 6 p.m. The book examines the case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler, who was convicted in the ’80s of killing a number of elderly white women in the ’70s. Courts, politics, race relations and a tall cappuccino as well. You can't go wrong.

On Saturday, I suggest having a meal outside at Houlihans. Watch the number of cars that make left-hand turns onto 9th Street, and then stop in the middle of the intersection because they don't understand they have the right of way. Then write a strongly-worded letter to your city government railing against the foolishness of the lights, the drivers and transportation in general. Throw the letter away, though, since you don't want the government knowing who you are.

Keeping up with my search of wine sellers, I intend to visit several Phenix City convenience stores on Sunday. You'd be surprised at the selection these stores have, and they're really some of the only places to get wine since you can't buy off-premises booze in Georgia on Sunday.

Think about how you're doing your part to finance the state of Alabama when you pick up that Pinot. Seriously, if it weren't for taxpayers like you, we wouldn't have a government.