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Arrest made in Thursday homicide investigation

A woman fatally shot Thursday morning by her friend's ex-boyfriend went to his home to help her relative confront the man about a supposed romance that turned out to be true, police said.

Jolena Seldon, 22, of 2723 Fern St., was shot by Dywane Lamont Turner, 28, of 4845 Allen St., around 5 a.m., said Columbus Police Lt. Charles Kennedy. Turner was arrested around 4 p.m. and charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

"He's claiming it was an act of self defense," Kennedy said. "This will be the only arrest in the case."

Seldon and her cousin who used to date Turner, Shelby Perry, 22, went to the home to confront Turner about his relationship with another woman, Kennedy said. Turner's brother, Jerry Ramon Morgan, 21, let the two women inside the home because he knew them.

They then went to Turner's bedroom door, which was locked, Kennedy said Perry told police. Jolena Seldon then kicked the door in, Kennedy related.

"And then they both rushed into the room," the lieutenant said.

Turner, who was in bed with another woman, told police he awoke to the sounds of his bedroom door being forced open. He was startled and reached for his gun, Kennedy said Turner told police.

"He reacted by shooting toward the door, where they were coming into the bedroom," Kennedy said. "That's what he's saying. He's saying he was unaware who he was shooting at."

The lights were off in Turner's bedroom, though the TV was on. The .223-caliber assault rifle Turner used was about three to four feet away from Jolena Seldon, who was hit in the head and chest.

Coroner Bill Thrower pronounced Seldon dead at 6 a.m. Her body was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab in Atlanta for an autopsy. Results are expected Friday.

Turner's Columbus Recorder's Court hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday.

Police said Thursday's shooting is the 13th homicide this year.