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I shot the albatross

But look at this great necklace I made with it.

I'm certainly not advocating the destruction of supernaturally protected birds and then getting into a game of dice with Death and Life-in-Death, but sometimes there's not much to do in Columbus on a hot spring weekend. Fortunately, I've put together a list of options you might find more appealing than gambling with your soul.

You probably won't find cursed avian necklaces, but you should still head down to the City Art Show and Sale from 11-6 p.m. Friday at the CB&T courtyard, 1148 Broadway. I hope to find some sweet deals, which I will then resell on eBay for nothing but pure, adulterated profit.

On Saturday, I'll cruise over to the Milgen Road Winn-Dixie, where the Chattahoochee Valley Hash House Harriers will meet at 4 p.m. for a run. The on-again, off-again group is known for sprints through the woods, so bug spray and a change of clothes is well advised. Expect some good eats afterward, as usual.

Sunday requires a bit of rest, so I'll saunter down to Loco's Grill & Pub, 1538 13th St. They've got a comfortable patio where I can sip from a fine selection of beers cooled to a reasonable temperature. And it's conveniently close to a small park, where you can observe the various plumage of winged beasts fluttering though the air.

Just make sure watching is all you do. There's an awful fine if you mess with certain birds.