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I'd hammer in the morning

Actually, I will hammer in the morning on Saturday. That's when I'll be putting the finishing touches on a lean-to shed I've been building in the back yard. And by "finishing touches," I mean installing little things like "siding" and "a door." Y'all might think that's a chore, but to me it's a pretty satisfying thing.

Anyway, at some point in there I'm going to need a break, so I'll pop over to the spring open house sale at Britt David Cultural Arts Studio (2700 W. Britt David Road). Three are great deals on beautiful pottery there, and it's great for anyone who's looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift. It's 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Details: 706-653-4196.

Sunday, after calling Mom to wish her well, I'll be strapping on a gun and ammo belt for a little paintball action for a feature story I'm working on. Sure that's work-related, but I get to shoot stuff (read: people), so it'll be fun. We're hitting the Vertigo Paintball field. Details: 706-507-3322.