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Fleet Foxes getting more praise

I've made quite a few references to the Fleet Foxes over the last few weeks. I try to stop writing about them but they won't let me.

See there's the direct link to the Tri-Cities as Foxes member Christian Wargo played in the Crystal Skulls with Tri-City guy Ryan Phillips. Then there's the fact the music mag elites won't stop drooling. Rolling Stone just wrote up a piece on the band calling their debut "impressive."

But the most clever and flattering description came in a little blurb breaking down the formula of their sound. "We do the math for you: (Band of Horses) X (The Beach Boys) + (Final Fantasy) = Fleet Foxes. Now you could easily insert My Morning Jacket in place of Band of Horses but that's a different conversation. They totally copped their style!

But that doesn't mean I don't still like them.