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The Spider-Man comes

I haven't been to a movie since people began referring to them as "talkies," and I figure it's about time. I missed out on "Lord of the Rings" in the theater, and was told I made one of the greatest mistakes of my life — the first being unprintable here.

To hopefully correct this problem, I'll brave the hordes of high schoolers and hit a movie this weekend. Maybe I'll see "Spider-Man 3," but I'm not promising anything yet. I have a fascination with zombie movies and could easily see "28 Weeks Later."

Sunday, I'll scrape my $100 bills together and visit Lakebottom Park for the annual Arts in the Park festivities. One of my favorite activities is browsing through artwork that I can't afford. There's music and random people wandering around, and the whole experience is just peachy. Trust me.

Before hitting the park, though, I'll check out some walking paths I just recently discovered around the Whisperwood area. These trails are great for dog walking or just jogging through.

Just watch out for the bugs and webs waiting to stick to your face with every step. At times, these woods can be worse than a movie theater full of students.