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The third film in the smash fantasy-swashbuckler series picks up with Will and Elizabeth (Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley) joining forces with the pirate Barbarossa (Geoffrey Rush) to save Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from a dire fate courtesy of octopus-faced buccaneer Davy Jones. With Bill Nighy, Jonathan Price, Stellan Skarsgard and Chow Yun-Fat. Directed by Gore Verbinski. Released by Buena Vista Pictures. Rated PG-13.

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What the critics say:

"The movie, extravagant, amusing and exciting, may be only a ride, but it's a ride that dazzles."

-Michael Wilmington, The Chicago Tribune

"It won't matter whether you've seen the first two 'Pirates' movies or not. You'll still be confused."

-Gene Seymour, Newsday

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Lars von Trier ("Dogville," "Breaking the Waves") directed this satire of corporate culture. An unemployed actor named Kristoffer (Jens Albinus) is hired by a company director to impersonate a nonexistent executive who was created to take the blame for all the firm's mistakes. The ruse gets more complicated when Kristoffer takes his role too seriously and an Icelandic mogul decides he wants to buy the company. With Peter Gantzler and Iben Hjejle. Released by IFC Films. Not rated.

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What the critics say:

"'The Boss of It All' is a wonderfully perceptive study of the use and abuse of power set in a concrete, everyday context."

-Tirdad Derakhshani, Philadelphia Inquirer

"(Von Trier's) least pretentious and most sheerly enjoyable (film) in years."

-Leslie Felperin, Variety


A lonely cocktail waitress (Ashley Judd) hooks up with a mysterious man who seems to adore her and show a strong desire to protect her. The problem is he believes the U.S. Army has infected his blood with larvae, causing bugs to infest his skin. With Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr. and Brian F. O'Byrne. Directed by William Friedkin ("The Exorcist," "The French Connection"). Released by Lionsgate. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"('Bug') has the feverish compression of live theater and the moody expansiveness of film. The mix is insanely powerful."

-David Edelstein, New York Magazine

"Genuinely freaky-deaky."

-Rob Nelson, The Village Voice


A fragile, bulimic woman seeks fame and fortune in Hollywood in this mixture of comedy and poignant drama from indie stalwart Henry Jaglom. Starring Tanna Frederick, Justin Kirk, David Proval, Zack Norman and Melissa Leo. Released by Rainbow Releasing. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"When it's good, 'Hollywood Dreams' is corrosively funny and unexpectedly poignant. And when it's bad, it's over-the-top bad."

-Lael Loewenstein, The Los Angeles Times

"An odd mixture of quirk and creepiness."

-Evan Henderson, The Los Angeles Daily News


This acclaimed science-fiction anime film from Japan concerns a therapist who can enter people's dreams to cure them of their traumas. When her lab's dream machine is stolen, she must travel the minds of others to discover its whereabouts, a journey that blurs the line between the waking world and the subconscious. Directed by Satoshi Kon. Released by Sony Pictures Classics. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"Smart, electrifying, and proudly unhinged."

-Aaron Hillis, Premiere

"A masterly example of Japanese anime."

-David Denby, The New Yorker


This Australian film, performed entirely in the Aboriginal language, has drawn raves from critics at film festivals worldwide. Set 1,000 years ago, the film follows an expedition of tribal men who set off to find trees suitable for making canoes. Sensing his son needs moral guidance, an old man tells his son an ancestral story as they travel, a tale full of jealousy, betrayal and greed. Starring David Gulpilil, Jamie Gulpilil and Crusoe Kurddal. Directed by Rolf de Heer. Released by Palm Pictures. Not rated.

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What the critics say:

"An enchanting fable rich in authenticity and shot through with unexpected humor."

-Megan Lehmann, The Hollywood Reporter

"Wise, warm, witty fare."

-Geoff Andrew, Time Out


"Backyardigans - Movers & Shakers"

More kid-friendly fun with the imaginative animals who transform their backyard into faraway places. Released by Nickelodeon. Not rated. Available May 29.

"The Closer - Season 2"

This four-disc set of the second season of TNT's police drama about a tart-tongued, unorthodox detective (Kyra Sedgwick) hunting killers in Los Angeles features additional scenes and a blooper reel. Released by Warner Home Video. Not rated. Available May 29.

"Hannibal Rising"

And falling. This critically reviled prequel tells what happened to the diabolical serial killer from "Silence of the Lambs," and how he became a murderer and gourmet with some pretty eccentric tastes. After seeing his family decimated by World War II, young Hannibal (Gaspard Ulliel) arrives in Paris, where he meets his uncle's widow (Gong Li), a cultured woman who encourages his desire for revenge. With Rhys Ifans and Kevin McKidd. Directed by Peter Weber. Released by The Weinstein Company. Rated R (available in an unrated version). Available May 29.

"The Lost Language of Cranes"

Brian Cox stars in this British drama about a middle-aged father who has hidden his homosexuality for years and the son who is coming to terms with himself being gay. With Angus MacFayden, Eileen Atkins and Corey Parker. Directed by Nigel Finch. Not rated. Available May 29.

"The Naked Civil Servant"

John Hurt stars as iconoclastic writer Quentin Crisp, who boldly proclaimed his homosexuality in 1930s and '40s England, a place where gays could still be prosecuted for engaging in sexual acts. This film created controversy in the U.S. when it was broadcast in 1975, with several donors threatening to withdraw support if the film was shown. With Patricia Hodge. Directed by Jack Gold. Released by BBC Warner. Not rated. Available May 29.


"Forza Motorsport 2"

This update on the racing game promises better game physics, more realistic detail and loads of customizable features for the more than 300 racing cars. Published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360. Rated E. Available May 29.

"Mario Party 8"

A whimsical variation in the Mario series that takes advantage of the Wii remote controller for a more physical type of game experience. Features dozens of mini-games. Published by Nintendo of America for Nintendo Wii. Rated E. Available May 29.

"Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia"

An action/shooter game that has players fend off a horde of monsters that's decided to attack their party, a battle that spills over to different locations in the town. Published by SouthPeak Interactive for Xbox 360. Rated T. Available May 29.

"Mortal Kombat Armageddon"

The most recent entry in the bloody fighting game series includes more than customizable fighters drawn from the franchise's history. Published by Midway for Nintendo Wii (already available for Xbox, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2). Rated M. Available May 29.

"Secrets of Atlantis"

An adventure game that has players guide a young engineer around the world in a tale filled with danger and tinges of the occult. Published by DreamCatcher Interactive for PC. Rating pending. Available May 29.


Perry Farrell & Satellite Party, "Ultra Payloaded": The former Jane's Addiction frontman is joined by Flea, Fergie, Peter Hook and the still-dead Jim Morrison on this new disc, with the live ones being members of his new band/experiment called "Satellite Party." Released by Sony. In stores May 29.

R. Kelly, "Double Up": T-Pain, Kid Rock, Usher and others join R. Kelly in this blending of R&B and hip-hop. Released by Jive. In stores May 29.

Richard Thompson, "Sweet Warrior"

The folk rock singer returns with his first set of original songs for electric instruments since 2003, and material that's unabashedly political. Released by Shout Factory. In stores May 29.


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Sunday, May 27

"National Memorial Day Concert": Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna host this concert with the National Symphony Orchestra telecast live from Washington, D.C. 8 p.m. PBS (check local listings).

"Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee": Adam Beach and Aidan Quinn star in this made-for-cable film adapted from the bestselling book about the plight of the Sioux in the wake of Custer's defeat. 9 p.m., HBO.

Tuesday, May 29

"The Shield": Facing a forced retirement, Vic tries to find a way to stay on the job. Naturally his best option proves to be morally questionable. 10 p.m. FX.

"After The Catch": The first episode of a four-part follow-up to the reality show "Deadliest Catch" about deep-sea fisherman and their hazardous work. 10 p.m., Discovery Channel.

Thursday, May 31

"Pirate Master": Pirate wannabees do pirate-y things as they search for treasure in this new reality show. 8 p.m., CBS.

"Scripps National Spelling Bee": Watch the smart kids squirm as the best spellers battle it out. 8 p.m., ABC.

"Starter Wife": Debra Messing ("Will and Grace") plays a recently divorced woman who's starting her life over after being blackballed by her Hollywood friends. Based on the best-selling book. 9 p.m., USA.


Dean Koontz, "The Good Guy": An ordinary guy is mistaken for a hired killer, finding himself with an envelope full of cash and the knowledge that someone's life is in danger. Published by Bantam Books. In stores May 29.

Joyce Carol Oates, "Gravedigger's Daughter": The daughter of a German immigrant family escapes a family tragedy, only to wind up with an abusive husband. Fleeing her home with her young son, she finds the past keeps catching up with her as she seeks a new life. Published by Ecco Press. In stores May 29.

Michael Ondaatje, "Divisadero": The lives of a woman, her adopted sister and a farmhand turned gambler resonate unexpectedly with the life of a dead French author in this new novel from the author of "The English Patient." Published by Knopf. In stores May 29.