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Nothing gets Americans more enthused than a three-day weekend, excepting the magic of a four-day Thanksgiving weekend. Barring turkey and football, though, we make do with Memorial Day. You really don't need a better reason to grab a beach blanket and head to the pool than the last weekend in May, do you?

Unfortunately, the pool at my apartment complex is bereft of chlorinated water and could very well remain so throughout one of the best weekends to drink Natty Light before noon. Regardless, I intend to chill for at least an hour on Saturday by broken tile and chipped fiberglass. You should swing by. I'll re-enact that anti-drug commercial, where the woman dives into an empty pool.

Just before taking the concrete plunge, I plan on hitting Saturday's Book and Bake Sale at the Phenix City-Russell County Library, 1501 17th Ave., from 8 a.m. - noon. You find the oddest titles at sales like these. For example, at one sale I found a supplemental book to that age-old text adventure game "Zork."

Which makes me want to find the game online this weekend. Three days off in a row will certainly bring boredom at some point. To cure the seemingly endless heat of Sunday, I'll turn on the A/C and return to that classic world of underground caverns and twisting mazes.

It's better than diving eight feet down into cement.