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When her older brother is killed in an accident, a teenager named Gracie (Carly Schroeder) petitions the school board to allow her to take his place on the soccer team. Discouraged by her family, Gracie decides to prove to everyone that she deserves to be on the soccer field. With Elisabeth Shue, Dermit Mulroney, Andrew Shue and Emma Bell. Directed by Davis Guggenheim. Released by Picturehouse. Rated PG-13.

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What the critics say:

"just another formulaic, if well-intentioned, sports movie."

-Christy Lemire, The Associated Press

"Gracie strives to be 'G.I. Jane' in shin guards, but it ends up as 'She's the Man' without the comedy."-Phil Villarreal, Arizona Daily Star


Actor-comedian Seth Rogen re-teams with "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" director Judd Apatow for this comedy about a slacker schlub (Rogen) who has a one-night stand with an ambitious professional woman (Katherine Heigl) who's very much his opposite. When she discovers she's pregnant, the mismatched couple wonder if maybe they should try to make a real relationship work for the sake of the baby. Or maybe not. with Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Jay Baruchel. Released by Universal. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"Line for line, minute to minute, writer-director Judd Apatow's latest effort is more explosively funny, more frequently, than nearly any other major studio release in recent memory."

-Joe Leydon, Variety

"This comedy is such a blast of fresh air."-Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly


Earl Brooks is a businessman, devoted husband and father who also happens to be a very clever serial killer. when a photographer accidentally sees Mr. Brooks dispatching a victim, he decides to blackmail the killer. Meanwhile, a dogged detective (Demi Moore) is out to nail Mr. Brooks, who must think of a way to prevail and keep his wife (Marg Helgenberger) from finding out what he's done. With Dane Cook and William Hurt. Directed by Bruce A. Evans. Released by MGM. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"Bloody disappointing, that's what 'Mr. Brooks' is."

-Robert Wilonsky, The Village Voice

"A sloppy, sleazy trifle of chaotic storytelling."-David Germain, The Associated Press

OPENING IN LIMITED RELEASE (check local listings):


This critically acclaimed documentary tells the strange story of Bronx lawyer Burt Pugach and then-single woman Linda Riss, whose passionate affair led to violence and cruelty. But the relationship proves surprisingly resilient - even prison and maiming can't keep them apart. Directed by Dan Kloves. Released by Magnolia Pictures. Rated PG-13.

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What the critics say:

"The sheer fascinating strangeness of the people documented could earn the pic a minor cult following."

-Dennis Harvey, Variety

"toxically fascinating."

-Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly


The sequel to the Russian fantasy film "Nightwatch" continues the supernatural battle between good and evil in modern-day Moscow. Heroic Anton returns, now on the run from murder charges and mourning the conversion of his son the forces of darkness. Everything hinges on the Chalk of Fate, a piece of chalk (seriously) that can alter time. Starring Konstantin Khabensky, Dima Martynov and Maria Poroshina. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Released by Searchlight Pictures. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"If you don't take it seriously - i.e., if you're able to laugh at the notion of a piece of chalk that undoes time - the sequel is a minor wackjob head trip."

-Gregory Kirschling, Entertainment Weekly

"(The) story sporadically jerks to life, then settles back into the maudlin, distracted, or merely vacant."

-Nathan Lee, The Village Voice


Timothy Spall stars in this drama based on the true story of Albert Pierrepoint, the British executioner who was called upon to use his skills on the condemned Nuremberg war criminals. Pierrepoint is regarded as a master hangman, one who doesn't question the morality of his profession, until one of the criminals slated to die turns out to be someone he knows quite well. With Juliet Stevenson, Eddie Marsan and Clive Francis. Directed by Adrian Shergold. Released by IFC Films. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

"Dark but absorbing."

-Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter

"Go see it."

-Adrian Hennigan, BBC


A reporter (Lucy Liu) wakes up in a morgue and discovers that she's been turned into a vampire. What to do? Find the original vampire and try to become human again. Also, fight and kill along the way. With Michael Chiklis and Carla Gugino. Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez. Released by Samuel Goldwyn Films. Rated R.

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What the critics say:

This film was not available for preview.


"Bruce Springsteen: Live in Dublin"

The Boss performs live in Ireland. Enough said. Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Not rated. Available June 5.

"Fail Safe"

George Clooney served as star and executive producer in this made-for-TV adaptation of the classic Cold War novel that was broadcast live in 2000. A malfunctioning computer creates a misunderstanding that sends American bombers on their way to Russia, and the president, his staff and the Army try desperately to recall them before they reach their targets. With Richard Dreyfus, Brian Dennehy, Harvey Keitel, Hank Azaria, Don Cheadle, James Cromwell and Sam Elliot. Directed by Stephen Frears. Released by Warner Home Video. Not rated. Available June 5.

"The Messengers"

Fed up with fast-paced city life, a family leaves Chicago and settles on a North Dakota farm. Everything's fine until teenage daughter Jess (Kristin Stewart) and three-year-old Ben begin to see apparitions that eventually get scarier and more violent. Starring Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller and John Corbett. Directed by Oxide Pang and Danny Pang. Released by Columbia Pictures. Rated PG-13. Available June 5.


Eddie Murphy plays several different roles - sometimes under pounds of makeup - in this comedy about a nice guy named Norbit who can't seem to get a break until his childhood sweetheart (Thandie Newton) returns to town. With Cuba Gooding Jr., Charles Murphy and Eddie Griffin. Directed by Brian Robbins. Released by Dreamworks Video. Rated PG-13. Available June 5.

"Seinfeld - The Complete Eighth Season"

The eighth season of the classic sitcom features the overconfident, irritating Mandelbaum family, Kramer smuggling Cubans (actual people, not cigars) and "The Summer of George." Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Not rated. Available June 5.

"Rescue Me - Season Three"

A lot of drama is packed into season three of the FX show about New York City firefighters, with Lou losing all his money and considering suicide, Mike dabbling in gay love and Tommy (Dennis Leary) making a mess of pretty much everything he touches. Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Not rated. Available June 5.

"Robin Hood: Season 1"

This BBC-produced re-imagining of the popular legend begins with Robin (Jonas Armstrong) returning home to England from the Crusades, only to find the land oppressed by the sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen). With the help of Little john, Will Scarlett and Maid Marian (Lucy Griffiths), Robin begins his battle against the tyrannical sheriff and his henchmen. Released by BBC Warner. Not rated. Available June 5.


"Biker Mice From Mars"

Promising "full-on mice action," this game has players guide biker mice through battles in Chicago and on Mars as they try to save their home planet. Published by American Game Factory for Nintendo Ds. Rated E-10+. Available June 5.

"Call of Juarez"

A bloody shooter game set in the old west in which a young man accused of murder flees a crazed, gun-toting reverend bent on dispensing some lead-laden justice. Published by Ubi Soft for Xbox 360 and PC. Rated M. Available June 5.

"Planet Puzzle League"

The Japanese puzzle game comes to NDS with touch-screen controls. Published by Nintendo of America for Nintendo DS. Rated E. Available June 4.

"The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff"

This new twist on the simulation game focuses on clothes, boutiques, runway shows and generally being a fashionista. Published by Electronic Arts for PC. Rated T. Available June 5.

"Tomb Raider Anniversary"

An updated version of the blockbuster game that uses the latest technology to update heroine Lara Croft's search for the artifact known as the Scion. The game's makers promise the updated technology will provide "a completely new game play experience." Published by Eidos Interactive for PC and PlayStation 2. Rated T. Available June 5.


Big & Rich, "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace": The country duo's latest album features the hit single "Lost in this Moment." Released by Warner Bros./Wea. In stores June 5.

Chris Cornell, "Carry On": The second solo album from the former Soundgarden frontman. Released by Interscope Records. In stores June 5.

Marilyn Manson, "Eat Me, Drink Me": The interestingly attired singer takes a different turn with this collection of catchy songs overlaid with a glam-rock sensibility. Released by Nothing. In stores June 5.

Paul McCartney, "Memory Almost Full":The Beatles legend is back performing 13 new, original songs. Released by Hear Music. In stores June 5.

Rihanna, "Good Girl Gone Bad": the Bajan singer's third album features guest appearances by Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. Released by Island/Def Jam. In stores June 5.

Bruce Springsteen, "Live in Dublin": This two-disc set of the Boss' live performance in Ireland includes such songs as "Highway Patrolman" and covers of such classic songs as "This Little Light Of Mine" and "Jacob's Ladder." Live performance DVD also available (see above). Released by Sony. In stores June 5.

Various artists, "Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash": A collection of artists including Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris perform songs written by June Carter Cash. Released by Dualtone Music Group. In stores June 5.


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Sunday, June 3

"MTV Movie Awards": The always unpredictable comedian Sarah Silverman hosts this year's award show, so expect something a little more outrageous this time. 9 p.m. MTV.

"The Sopranos": Things are looking really, really tense between Tony and Phil Leotardo, and there's only one more episode left before the series finale. 9 p.m., HBO.

"Shot in the Dark": "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier directed this documentary about his efforts to reunite with his estranged father. 10:30 p.m. HBO.

Monday, June 4

"Hell's Kitchen": Another season of Gordon Ramsay browbeating wannabee chefs. Hooray. 9 p.m., Fox.

Tuesday, June 5

"Frontline": A camera crew searches in China for the student who dared to stand his ground during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest in this segment entitled "Tank Man." 9 p.m., PBS (check local listings).

Wednesday, June 5

"Footballers Wives": Joan Collins shows up to help this British soap get even trashier. 8 p.m., BBC.

"American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Awards:" Beyoncé Knowles, Prince, Los Lonely Boys and War are among the p

"Ghost Hunters": Those two working-class ghost hunters continue to search for spooks as the new season of the reality show begins. 9 p.m., Sci-Fi Channel.

Thursday, June 6

"Fast Cars & Superstars": First there was celebrity dancing, and now there's celebrity car racing. But take heart - one of the celebs is William Shatner. 8 p.m., ABC.


Carl Bernstein, "A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton": The long-awaited portrait of Sen. Hilary Clinton from legendary reporter Bernstein. Published by Knopf. In stores June 5.

Ian McEwan, "On Chesil Beach": A young couple in 1963 share an awkward wedding night, one that culminates in devastating revelations in this intimate, tightly focused novel from the author of "Atonement." Published by Doubleday. In stores June 5.

Murray Wass, "United States v. I. Lewis Libby": Investigative journalist Wass assembled this book on the trial of former White House official "Scooter" Libby that consists of reporting, court transcripts and witness testimony. Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated. In stores June 5.