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Stay awhile, stay forever

Another visitor? Stay awhile, stay forever!

I'm on an old-school video game kick. This past weekend's foray into Zork's underground empire was a complete success, and now I'm geeking for that old Commodore 64 game "Impossible Mission," or some name to that effect. You remember the guy that did somersaults over Dalek-esque robots in some random dungeon? No? Well, check out and let me know if you find it.

I don't plan on hiding in my own dungeon this weekend, since I do have to hit my usual round of liquor stores on Saturday. While I'm out, I'll visit the Pacelli High School Athletics annual car show. It's from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at 3556 Trinity Drive. Admission is free, which is good because I'll have just spent all my cash on wine.

And while my final pick isn't over the weekend, I figure Monday night is close enough. State Rep. Carolyn Hugley, D-Columbus, is having her final wrap up discussion of the General Assembly from 7-9 p.m. at the Columbus Public Library. If you don't keep up with what your elected officials are doing, then you're really nothing more than a visitor to the state.

Feel free to drop by and stay awhile...